List of minor actors throughout the movie franchise.

Adamthwaite, MichaelEdit


Michael Adamthwaite

Michael Adamthwaite (born Michael David Adamthwaite on September 1, 1981 in North York, Ontario, Canada) appears in New Moon as Chet. His official website is here and his Imdb entry is here.


Michael Adamthwaite won his first role in a BBC mini-series entitled Little Lord Fauntleroy while living in England at the age of twelve. He later settled in Vancouver in 2000 to continue Acting. For several years Michael had the fortune of studying under Warren Robertson, renowned Acting teacher and Coach to famed acting teacher Larry Moss. Michael also attended several reputable Vancouver based schools including the Actors Working Academy, William B Davis Centre, and the Vancouver Film School. Since 2000, Michael has received LEO nominations for his work in both CBC’s Dragon Boys, and Walk All over Me.[1]

He has been married to Danika Adamthwaite since 2006.

Akay, SaraEdit


Sara Akay

Sara Akay appears in the segment Masque of The Storytellers as Esme Cullen. Her Facebook is here and her Imdb entry is here.

Arender, TammiEdit


Tammi Arender

Tammi Arender appears in Breaking Dawn - Part 2 as a vampire witnessing for the Volturi. Her official website is here and her Imdb entry is here.

Barras, RebeccaEdit

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Rebecca Barras

Rebecca Barras appears in Breaking Dawn - Part 2 as Sulpicia. Her Imdb entry is here.


Year Film Role
2010 The Jack of Spades Library Girl
The Virginity Hit Rebecca
2011 In Purgatory Eva
2012 Breaking Dawn - Part 2 Sulpicia
The Tale of the Pot and the Kettle Lilith
Swallow Desire
Simple Knuckles
She's Sassy Sassy
A Satisfactory Life Serafina

Barrington-Hughes, BlytheEdit

Blythe Barrington-Hughes

Blythe Barrington-Hughes

Blythe Barrington-Hughes appears in Breaking Dawn - Part 2 as one of Renesmee Cullen's body doubles. Her Imdb entry is here.

Bassett, NatashaEdit


Natasha Bassett

Natasha Bassett appears in the segment Sunrise of The Storytellers as Tia. Her Imdb entry is here.


Natasha Bassett was born in Sydney, Australia. She spent three years honing her craft working on productions at both the Australian Theatre for Young People (ATYP) and the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA), participating in both the performing and collective writing of shows. She has a Diploma in Communications and is the recipient of the prestigious Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award. Natasha attended the Atlantic Acting School in New York City in 2012.

Recent credits include NBC's CAMP, starring Rachel Griffiths, where she played 'Chloe'. Natasha also appeared in PJ Hogan's Mental, starring Toni Collette and Liev Schreiber, as well as the lead role in Samantha Rebillet's The Last Goodbye, shot in Paris. Her Australian television credits include MTV's TV Movie Dungoona, in which she played the lead, ABC's Laid and I Rock, Nine's Cops LAC, Seven's Wild Boys, In Your Dreams and ABC's Rake.

Natasha's stage credits include her performance as 'Juliet' in Romeo and Juliet, a child soldier in an ensemble-written play, Battlegrounds, and Citizenship. The play Bookends brought her to the Sydney Theatre Company's stage, under the artistic direction of Cate Blanchett, during the Sydney Writer's Festival. She has represented ATYP at theater festivals across Sydney, in her ensemble-written short play. Natasha won the New South Wales Shakespeare Festival with a short play she also wrote and performed in. Natasha wrote the play House on Fire with renowned Australian playwright Debra Oswald as part of an ensemble, and then played the lead role at the NIDA Parade Playhouse in Sydney.

She was awarded a scholarship in the screenwriting program in the ArtStart MetroScreen Young Screenwriters Program, in which she developed her short film Kite, which she wrote and directed. Natasha is represented by 3 Arts Entertainment in the US and Shanahan Management in Australia.

Beall, BarbaraEdit


Barbara Beall

Barbara Beall (born on March 7th, 1979, in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada) appears in The Mary Alice Brandon File segment of The Storytellers as Lillian Brandon. Her Imdb entry is here, her Twitter account is here, and her Facebook entry is here.


Beatty, TanayaEdit

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Tanaya Beatty

Tanaya Beatty appears in Breaking Dawn - Part 1 as Rachel Black. Her Imdb entry is here.

Belanger, MarielEdit


Mariel Belanger

Mariel Belanger appears in Eclipse as The Third Wife. Her Imdb entry is here.

Bellamy, NedEdit

Ned Bellamy

Ned Bellamy

Ned Bellamy appears in Twilight as Waylon Forge. This character was created exclusively for the film, and was not present in the novel Twilight. Bellamy's Imdb entry is here.


Ned was born May 7, 1957 in Dayton, Ohio to Bill and Nelle Bellamy. He is the youngest of three children. After spending his childhood in Joplin, Missouri, the family moved to La Jolla, California. Mark, his brother, is the U.S. Ambassador to Kenya. Anne, his sister, is vice-president of African Travel in Los Angeles. After graduating from UCLA, Ned and classsmate, Tim Robbins, founded the Los Angeles based theater company, "The Actors Gang". Ned has appeared in numerous film and television productions and continues to reside in Los Angeles.

Seinfeld cultists will have little or no difficulty remembering character actor Ned Bellamy; he played Eddie, the knife-obsessed, fatigue-wearing employee of the J. Peterman company, whom Elaine tries to dismiss with a promotion, in the 1996 episode "The Fatigues." That turn, with its aggressive, menacing air, was fairly typical of the roles in which Bellamy often found himself (despite the fact that he could bring those qualities to bear on comic or earnest material). A native of Dayton, OH, he grew up in Joplin, MO, and entered show business in the very late '70s, initially on television programs including The Waltons, M*A*S*H, and The Dukes of Hazzard. As time rolled on, however, Bellamy moved more squarely into filmed work, specializing in action, horror, or thriller fare. Big-screen projects that featured the actor included House IV: Home Deadly Home (1991), Universal Soldier (1992), and Carnosaur (1993).

After the Seinfeld appearance, Bellamy unveiled more of a comic emphasis in his role choices, evidenced by his work in such projects as Being John Malkovich (1999), The Whole Ten Yards (2004), and Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny (2006). In 2008, Bellamy turned up as Waylon Forge in the romantically charged vampire opus Twilight (2008), which marked the actor's second collaboration with director Catherine Hardwicke after an appearance in her Lords of Dogtown (2005).


Year Film Role
1994 Cobb Ray
Ed Wood Dr. Tom Mason
The Shawshank Redemption Youngblood
1999 Being John Malkovich Derek Mantini
Cradle Will Rock Paul Edwards
2000 Charlie's Angels Red Star Systems Director
2003 Runaway Jury Jerome
2004 Saw Jeff Ridenhour
2005 Lords of Dogtown Peter Darling
2006 Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny Security Guard
2008 Twilight Waylon Forge
War, Inc. Ooq-Yu-Fay Taqnufmini/Zubleh
2008–2009 Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Ed Winston
2008-2011 WordGirl The Coach
2009 24 Attorney General
2011 Castle Logan Meech
2011-2013 Treme Vincent Abreu
2012 The Paperboy Tyree Van Wetter
Crazy Eyes Bob
Small Apartments EMT / Daniel
Django Unchained Wilson
The Possession Trevor
2013 Justified Gerald Johns
Under the Dome Reverend Lester Coggins
Wish You Well George Davis
Watercolor Postcards Cricket
2014 Criminal Minds Alan Anderson
Resurrection Samuel Catlin
Untitled Wall Street Project Haden Sykes
2015 Dragon Blade Octavius

Belleau, WilliamEdit


William Belleau

William Belleau appears in Eclipse as a Quileute warrior. His Imdb entry is here.

Belcher, MatthewEdit

Matthew W. Belcher appears in the segment Masque of The Storytellers as Dr. Smith. His Imdb entry is here.

Berkshire, AyannaEdit


Ayanna Berkshire

Ayanna Berkshire appears in Twilight as Cora. Her Imdb entry is here.

Her character was a waitress at the diner Bella and Charlie went to twice during the Twilight movie. Her character, Cora, was worried about Waylon, who was killed by James, Victoria, and Laurent.


Originally from the San Juan Islands in Washington State, Ayanna Berkshire was just three years old when she began performing for audiences. As she grew, she honed her skills to become an accomplished actress, singer and dancer. But it was her love of the European theater and French film that led her to move to Paris when she was only 18 years old. Berkshire immersed herself in the French language and found employment as a nanny-by-day and stylist-by-night in the Paris fashion industry. After spending 2 inspiring years in France she returned to the United States where she focused on pursuing her acting career. Ayanna's film acting credits include Kelly Reichardt's Wendy and Lucy starring Michelle Williams (2008), 2004's The Dust Factory starring Ryan Kelley, Hayden Panettiere and Armin Mueller-Stahl. Peter Paige's 2005 feature directorial debut, Say Uncle starring Kathy Najimy, Melanie Lynskey, Anthony Clark and Gabrielle Union. And 2008's Twilight Movie based on the best selling books by Stephenie Meyer and directed by Catherine Hardwicke. Ayanna made her Producing debut came with Fictitious Film's Planet Filmmaker. In 2011 Ayanna played Dr. Rose NBC's series Grimm.

Ayanna currently resides in Portland, Oregon.

Bliss, CaitlinEdit

Caitlin Bliss appears in the Consumed segment of The Storytellers as Village Mother. Her Imdb entry is here.

Boyce, Gregory TyreeEdit

Gregory Tyree Boyce

Gregory Tyree Boyce

Gregory Tyree Boyce appears in Twilight as Tyler Crowley. He spent most of his childhood living in Southern California with brother Chris and mother Lisa. He and his girlfriend, Natalie Adepoju, both died on May 13th, 2020, from unknown causes, leaving behind Boyce's daughter and Adepoju's son. His Imdb entry is here.


Boyes, ErinEdit


Erin Boyes

Erin Boyes (full name Erin Kathleen Boyes) appears as Denise in a deleted scene of New Moon. She later appears as Anna-Marie Brandon in The Mary Alice Brandon File segment of The Storytellers. Her Facebook entry is here, her Twitter account is here, and her Imdb entry is here.


After moving from Vancouver to Delaware at the age of 5, Erin Boyes fell in love with acting at summer camp, where she was known for her outgoing personality and her love for being in the spotlight. Her parents enrolled her in acting and modeling classes in Philadelphia, where she received praise and encouragement from her instructors. She then attended an arts school from grade 6 to 12, majoring in Drama and minoring in Dance and Vocals. After graduating, Erin continued to study acting in Philadelphia, where she traveled to several times a week to intern at casting agencies, and teach at acting summer camps, in exchange for acting classes and workshops, while at the same time attending college, majoring in Science and Psychology, as well as cheerleading competitively throughout the east coast. Erin decided to pursue acting full time and traveled to Philadelphia and New York, where she gained experience modeling and acting in film and television. In the spring of 2006 she moved back to her favorite city, Vancouver, to pursue acting further. She has lived in Vancouver for a year, in that time landing a principal role in a feature film alongside Chris Cooper and Patricia Clarkson, as well as being the only lead female role in the wrestling mockumentary Kayfabe. Erin continues to study hard, and work hard gaining experience working on student films and film competitions. Erin has a younger brother and two younger sisters.


Brayden, JimmieEdit

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Jimmie Brayden

Jimmie Brayden appears in Breaking Dawn - Part 1 as Collin Littlesea. His Facebook entry is here and his Imdb entry is here.

Burke, ChristieEdit


Christie Burke

Christie Burke appears in both Breaking Dawn movies as a body double for teenage Renesmee Cullen. Her Imdb entry is here.

Bushell, Matthew DavidEdit


Matt Bushell

Matthew David Bushell (born January 8, 1974; Farmingham, Massachusetts, USA), also known as Matt Bushell appears in Twilight as Phil Dwyer. He has been replaced by Ty Olsson for Breaking Dawn - Part 1. His Imdb entry is here.

Caravaggio, CurtisEdit

Curtis Caravaggio

Curtis Caravaggio

Curtis Caravaggio appears in New Moon as an executed vampire. His Imdb entry is here.

Carter, MaddisynEdit


Maddisyn Carter

Maddisyn Carter appears in the segment We've Met Before of The Storytellers as Alice Cullen. Her Imdb entry is here and her Twitter account is here.


Chan, BrettEdit

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Brett Chan

Arthur Brett Chan (also known as Brett Chan) appears in Eclipse as a newborn vampire. He is most notable for his stunt work and cameos in action movies. His Imdb entry is here.

Chang, PhilipEdit


Philip Chang

Philip Chang appears in the Eclipse film as a newborn vampire. His Imdb entry is here.

Checchi, SofiaEdit

Sofia Checchi

Sofia Checchi

Sofia Checchi appears in the segment Sunrise of The Storytellers as young Tia. Her Imdb entry is here.

Chief-Moon, ByronEdit


Byron Chief-Moon

Byron Chief-Moon appears in Eclipse as the Quileute chief Taha Aki. He is an American actor, choreographer, dancer, playwright, and founder of the Coyote Arts Percussive Performance Association, a dance theatre company. His wikipedia entry is here and his Imdb entry is here.


Chief-Moon was born in Carlsbad, California, and is a member of the Kainai First Nation of the Blackfoot Confederacy in southern Alberta. Chief-Moon has made appearances in several well-known American and Canadian TV shows (such as MacGyver, North of 60, Stargate SG-1, Da Vinci's Inquest, Highlander: The Series, and appeared on Walker, Texas Ranger, as well as several feature films.

Some of his dance theatre pieces have included Possessed, Dancing voices and Voices, as well as Jonesing, an experimental video dance piece. He is also known for his choreography work on the documentary Echoes of the Sisters and the dance film Quest.

Chinappi, DamienEdit


Damien Chinappi

Damien Chinappi appears in the segment Masque of The Storytellers as Monsieur Cheswick. His Imdb entry is here.

Chubai, DawnEdit


Dawn Chubai

Dawn Chubai appears in Eclipse as a news reporter in Seattle, using her own name. Her Imdb entry is here.

Dawn is known to appear as a newscaster in every television show or film she appears in.

Chumrau, DeverauEdit


Devereau Chumrau

Devereau Chumrau appears in the segment We've Met Before of The Storytellers as Betty. Her Imdb entry is here.


Deverau is a ham. She is actually made of pork product. She eats bacon everyday (or sausage recently). And it was confirmed every single time her grandma Helen took her to the Fallbrook Mall in Topanga Canyon, California and told her "You are such a ham" as she dragged the 3 year old her away from the camcorder station at Sears before their weekly luncheon together. Since then Dev, has worked at being a professional ham, joining SAG at 17, studying West African theatre and Dance at 21 in Ghana, earning her BA & MFA in acting and working on stage and screen internationally and locally in Los Angeles, remaining passionate about interesting characters and situations and most importantly storytelling.

Clemons, TateEdit

Tate Clemons

Tate Clemons

Tate Clemons appears in Breaking Dawn - Part 2 as Renesmee Cullen's 5-year-old body double. Her Imdb entry is here.

Cleveland, DavisEdit

Davis Cleveland

Davis Cleveland

Davis Cleveland (born on February 5th, 2002, in Houston, Texas, USA) appears in the segment Sunrise of The Storytellers as young Benjamin. His Imdb entry is here.


Davis Cleveland was born in Houston, Texas. He began his acting career by doing commercial work in Texas. After moving to Los Angeles, he began appearing in national commercials for big name companies. Davis has guest-starred in many shows, and co-stars as Flynn Jones in Disney's hit show Shake It Up.

Corbett, Fraser DeanEdit

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Fraser Corbett

Fraser Corbett appears in Eclipse as a newborn vampire. He also performed as a stunt for Breaking Dawn - Part 2. His Imdb entry is here.

Cornell, AbigailEdit

Abigail Rose Cornell

Abigail cornell

Abigail Rose Cornell appears in Breaking Dawn - Part 2 as Renesmee Cullen's 4-year-old body double. Her Imdb entry is here.

Craft Regusa, ChristineEdit


Christine Craft Regusa

Christine Craft Regusa appears in Breaking Dawn - Part 2 as a Volturi witness. Her Imdb entry is here.

Crowder, LateefEdit

Lateef Crowder MK

Lateef Crowder dos Santos

Lateef Crowder (born Lateef Crowder dos Santos on November 23, 1977) is a Brazilian-born American martial artistic actor and stunt performer who portrays Santiago in Breaking Dawn - Part 2. His Wikipedia entry is here, and his Imdb entry is here.


Santos is best known for his appearance in Tom-Yum-Goong (known in North America as The Protector), using Capoeira in a fight scene with Tony Jaa. Due to an injury to his achilles tendon, the scene was cut short, but he has since recovered, and was featured in the martial arts feature, Duel of Legends, released in 2007. Due to his Capoeira skills and resemblance to the character, Lateef Crowder played the role of Eddy Gordo in the Tekken feature film. He has also featured in Undisputed 3 which stars Scott Adkins and directed by Isaac Florentine and also stars in the Kevin Tancharoen directed short film Mortal Kombat: Rebirth.


Year Film Role
2005 Tom-Yum-Goong Capoeira Fighter
2008 Yeah Sure Okay Yellow
Beyond the Ring Taekwondo student #1
Ninja Cheerleaders Karate Bully
2009 Never Surrender Marco
Red Velvet Maniac
Tekken Eddy Gordo
Once Fallen Santos Lobos
Duel of Legends Fighter
2010 Fading of the Cries Sylathus
The Book of Eli Highjacker #3
Slums 13 Judge
Undisputed 3 Andriago Silva (The Brazilian Fighter)
Mortal Kombat: Rebirth Alan Zane/Baraka
2011 Supah Ninjas Rhymer Henchman
2012 Breaking Dawn - Part 2 Santiago


Dalal, NoshirEdit


Noshir Dalal

Noshir Dalal appears in the segment Sunrise of The Storytellers as Amun. His Imdb entry is here.

De Franco, GuilhermeEdit


Guilherme De Franco

Guilherme De Franco appears in Eclipse as a newborn vampire. His Imdb entry is here.


The actor was born in 1985 in São José dos Campos a city of Brazilian's countryside and started studying theatre at High School. After graduating as a History teacher at USP, the best university in Latin America, he began to dedicate his life to theatre and especially cinema. He makes a lot of independent movies at universities in São Paulo. He's been recently nominated to MTV's Video Music Brazil (VMB) as "Best movie clip you've done" or, VC FEZ with his movie "um clipe cheio de bom humor para Razões e Emoções"

Aside from acting, he is also a historian and history teacher.

Deane, MattEdit

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Matt Deane

Matt Deane appears in Eclipse as a newborn vampire. His Imdb entry is here.

Dorval, AdrienEdit


Adrien Dorval

Adrien Dorval appears in a deleted scene of New Moon as Bob Marks. His Imdb entry is here.

Dye, ChristineEdit

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Christine Dye

Christine Dye appears in the Turncoats segment of the The Storytellers as Hilde. Her Imdb entry is here.


Christine is a Cincinnati,OH based actress with over 25 years of stage and film work. She is married with two teenage daughters. She is known for her character work and her distinctive different colored eyes. Christine has won many awards locally. Most notable a City Beat Magazine, Cincinnati Entertainment Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role for Shirley Valentine and Best Featured Actress in a Play for Bus Stop awarded by The Cincinnati Leaque of Theaters.

Dunn, AbbieEdit

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Abbie Dunn

Abbie Dunn is the cameo actress who portrays Athenodora in Breaking Dawn - Part 2. Her Imdb entry is here.


Born on October 26, 1987 in Naperville, IL to Tom & Teresa Dunn. Although born in the Midwest, Abbie was raised in Tampa, FL. She is the only girl and also middle child. Growing up with two brothers made her quite competitive while always being involved in sports and theater. She is a self proclaimed girly girl with a tomboy side. Abbie grew up surrounded by the entertainment industry. Being the granddaughter of newscaster, Tom Dunn (died in 2006) and the cousin of actor James G. Macdonald and editor Greg Macdonald. Her grandfather, Tom, always encouraged her to pursue acting, as she would put on skits and choreograph dances at family functions. Abbie started off doing school plays and enrolled in acting courses while growing up. Once she turned 16 she signed with Benz Model & Talent where she started doing commercials, modeling and print ads. From there, Abbie worked on many projects to set off her acting/modeling career. After juggling modeling for some time, she decided to focus mainly on acting. While studying communications in college, Dunn's first feature film Trophy was when she had the honor of working alongside talent such as Michael Madsen, Michael Masini, Trevor Donovan, Eric Roberts and Robert Miano. In this film she plays Masini's neurotic ex wife and Donovan's new love interest. Abbie then went on to take part in films such as LOL, Chalet Girl, Officer Down, The Twilight Saga: Breaking - Dawn Part 2 and landed the lead role in a short, The Visitants.

Abbie also dedicates time to philanthropy. She is involved with the Somaly Mam Foundation, Ronald McDonald and PETA.

Egan, TrishEdit

Trish Egan

Trish Egan

Trish Egan appears in Twilight as Shelly Cope, the receptionist at Forks High School.

Faria, ElizaEdit

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Eliza Faria

Eliza Faria is a body double for Mackenzie Foy as Renesmee Cullen in Breaking Dawn - Part 2. Her Imdb entry is here.


Faria began acting at the age of two in a Lysol Disinfectant commercial. Hersubsequent TV commercial work includes Cisco The Human Network and Hasbro Scatterpillar. She appeared as a featured background actor in an episode of Smallville and as a victim of a cougar attack in a television documentary, Animal Planet. Faria began working in student and independent films in 2009 and has since completed nine projects and two music videos. For the past six months she has been working weekly with Clint Mayers of First Call Casting, learning acting, directing and editing. She is an active member of Vancouver All Star competitive cheerleading.

Faulkner, AliEdit

Breaking-dawn-cast-red-carpet-11152011-27-430x639-ali faulkner

Ali Faulkner

Ali Faulkner appears in Breaking Dawn - Part 1 as Bianca, a secretary to the Volturi. Her Imdb entry is here.


Faulkner grew up in West Plains, Missouri, but later moved to Dallas to earn a BA in Communications. Her professional career began when she played the leading role of Yonah at the Lucrative Theatre Three of Dallas in the musical Children of Eden. Her performance won her the excitement of critics, lending her the eyes and ears of the film industry. Faulkner's progress has extended past Texas into other regional markets, as well as Los Angeles.

Ferguson, DevonEdit

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Devon Ferguson

Devon Ferguson appears in Eclipse as a newborn vampire. His Imdb entry is here.

Feuker, ChristianEdit

Christian Feuker appears in the Consumed segment of The Storytellers as Bully #2. His Imdb entry is here.

Fleming-Alvarez, VivianEdit


Vivian Fleming-Alvarez

Vivian Fleming-Alvarez appears in Breaking Dawn - Part 2 as a the Volturi witness. Her Imdb entry is here.


Vivian Fleming-Alvarez was born Vivian Celeste Fleming in Tampa Florida. Her interest in the arts was first discovered when she spontaneously decided at age 15 to try-out for her high school cheerleading squad. After she failed to make the squad, Vivian was approached by the school's baseball coach who said, "Sorry you didn't make the squad, but I heard your dance routine was should try-out for the dance squad". So she did...and she made the squad! Sparking her love of dance and performing. After graduating from high school, Vivian continued performing through dance as an NFL Football Cheerleader for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for 4 years. Both experiences were precursors to her acting career. Vivian has held her own in many industries and has earned the admiration and respect of her family, friends and peers alike. There is no limit for Vivian, who is very focused, determined and has a sense of humor to balance. Be sure to stay tuned! Vivian studies (ongoing) at Performer's Studio Workshop (PSW) in Tampa Florida.

Fonda, OlgaEdit


Olga Fonda

Olga Fonda (born Olga Tchakova on October 1, 1982; in Russia) appears in Breaking Dawn - Part 1 as Valentina, a secretary candidate for the Volturi. However, her scene was deleted from the movie. Her Imdb entry is here.


Olga Fonda, born Olga Tchakova is an Russian-born model and actress. The Russian beauty came to America from Ukhta, Russia in 1996 when she was 14 years old.

The woman has appeared in minor roles on TV series such as Nip/Tuck, Ugly Betty, Entourage, How I Met Your Mother, Melrose Place, and Svetlana. She has also appeared in a movie called Love Hurts.

Olga Fonda also played uncredited roles in Little Fockers, and Crazy, Stupid, Love, with Emma Stone, Ryan Gosling, Kevin Bacon, Julianne Moore, Marisa Tomei, and Steve Carell.

Fonda is most notably known for her guest starring role on the show The Vampire Diaries as Nadia Petrova, the daughter of Katherine Pierce.

Forrest, TylerEdit

Tyler Forrest

Tyler Forrest

Tyler Forrest (born May 2, 1989 in Hammond, Louisiana, USA) appears in Breaking Dawn - Part 2 as a Volturi guard. He is also sings for the band Say! Don't Play. His Imdb entry is here.


Born and raised in the suburbs of New Orleans, Tyler Forrest graduated from Fontainebleau High School, where he developed his passion for performance through music and singing. He later discontinued from Southeastern Louisiana University to pursue a promising career in music. Being the front man of the popular rock band Say! Don't Play, he spent a lot of time writing, producing albums and music videos, touring, and chasing his dream.

After several years of band life, he decided to put his main focus on his developing acting career. Within the first year of serious acting, Tyler had been seen in a wide range of movies and television. From his first role with movie star Nicolas Cage, to singing in the hit movie Pitch Perfect, which blended his love for music and film. He later went on to co-own Ophion Films, LLC - a New Orleans based production company specializing in narrative film making and music videos.


Year Film Role Note
2011 Project Z Redneck #1 Short
2012 Scent of the Missing Pickup Driver TV movie
Common Law Hippie One TV; Episode "Soul Mates"
Stolen Teenage Cab Driver Movie
Pitch Perfect High Note #1 Movie
The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 Volturi Guard Movie; Uncredited
2013 Heebie Jeebies Rick TV Movie
Flying Monkeys Paul TV Movie
2014 Return to Sender
Devil's Due Steve
Dark Places

Fraioli, DavidEdit

David fraioli

David Fraioli

David Fraioli appears as Benjamin and Tia's uncle in the Sunrise segment of The Storytellers. His Imdb entry is here.

Frank, SabrinaEdit

Sabrina Frank

Sabrina Frank

Sabrina Frank is a German actress who won the Mission Hollywood competition[2], gaining her the role of Vera in Eclipse. She only appeared in a deleted scene.[3] Her Imdb entry is here.


Year Film Role
2009 Mission Hollywood Herself - Candidate
2010 The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Vera

Froehlich, JanelleEdit

Janelle Froehlich

Janelle Froehhlich

Janelle Froehlich appears in Breaking Dawn - Part 2 as French coven's member Yvette. Her Imdb entry is here.


Gabriel, Swo-woEdit

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Swo-wo Gabriel

Swo-wo Gabriel is the actor who portrays Brady Fuller in Breaking Dawn. His Imdb entry is here.


Swo-wo is of the Squamish Nation and is very active in his community through pow-wow dancing, traditional drumming and singing to Coast Salish cultural teachings.[4]

Swo-wo Gabriel had his first break playing "Tim Henry" on the Canadian TV series Blackstone[5].

According to The Chief, the TV series Blackstonefeatures Gabriel as young Tim Henry, who is physically and sexually abused by his uncle and must testify in court.

Ganderton, MoniqueEdit


Monique Ganderton

Monique Ganderton appears Eclipse as the Cold Woman. She was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Her Imdb entry is here.


Ganderton was discovered at a local shopping mall in Edmonton by a modeling agent and agreed to give it a try. She moved to Toronto at 18 to pursue modeling. A few days on set watching a stunt woman triggered an internal passion for action. Ganderton soon pursued stunt work adamantly. Her first stunt gig came on The Recruit, where she met Bridget Moynahan and Al Pacino. The job secured Ganderton as an up-and-coming stunt actor. Ganderton then relocated west to the ocean and has been working full time as a stunt woman for the last seven years.

Ganderton has stunt doubled Sigourney Weaver, Tricia Helfer, Bridget Moynahan, Leelee Sobieski, Darryl Hannah, Famke Jensen, Rebecca Romijn, Karen Cliché, Stacy Keibler, Amanda Tapping, Mandy Moore, Monica Schnarre, Amelia Cooke and Jane Lynch.

Personal lifeEdit

Ganderton has two sisters, Christine and Angela. She has a dog named Rocky that she adopted from the SPCA shelter, a cat named Apollo that she found in a box in an alley, and a horse named Baby that she rescued from a run-down farm on a mountain side.

Ganderton has always had a passion for sports and adventure. She achieved high levels of track and field, equestrian show jumping and is also a certified snowboard instructor. She was involved in diving, gymnastics, softball, skating and dabbled in martial arts. Ganderton has always been an avid writer and artist and thought about going into journalism prior to performing. In the future, she hopes to use her writing and performing experience to create projects.

Gatton, TommyEdit

Tommy Gatton appears in the Turncoats segment of The Storytellers as Handsome Soldier. His Imdb entry is here

Gauthier, AlexanderEdit

Alexandergauthier 1365467375 69

Alexander Gauthier

Alexander Gauthier appears in the Masque segment of The Storytellers as Teddy. His Imdb entry is here.

Geldreich, BenEdit

Ben geldreich

Ben Geldreich

Ben Geldreich appears in Eclipse as John. Geldreich is also a very successful photographer and started his own photography business in January 2008. His official website is here, and his Imdb entry is here.

Gell, VictoriaEdit

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Victoria Gell

Victoria Geil appears in Twilight as a vampire victim in the 1920's. Her Imdb entry is here.

Gibson, LeahEdit

Leah Gibson

Leah Gibson

Leah Diane Gibson is the actress who portrays Nettie in the Eclipse film. Her wikipedia entry is here Imdb entry is here.

Personal lifeEdit

She grew up in Victoria, a small city on Vancouver Island, in British Columbia, Canada. She has a twin sister, Erin, who lives with her husband in Doha, Qatar.

Gibson and her sister began dancing at the age of four, marking the beginning to her many years of training and performance in such dance forms as ballet, modern, contemporary/lyrical, jazz and Broadway jazz. It was through dancing, in combination with her incessant and persistent passion for singing, by which Leah discovered her love for musical theatre. In her graduating year, Gibson transferred to a high school specializing in fine arts. Though the school was on the other side of town and outside of her district, cross-boundary transfer stipulations were immediately excused by the principal after taking one look at her grade transcripts.

In her graduating year, Gibson performed in four musical theatre stage productions, (including her first lead role, as Velma Kelly in Chicago); the senior vocal jazz and concert choir, the high school dance troupe, as well as continuing to train and compete with the Sinclair Academy of Performing Arts—and all while maintaining honour-roll grades, graduating at the top of her class.

Following graduation, Gibson went on to the University of Victoria where she studied psychology. She was among the select few who were invited to study under the UVIC Honours program.

She is currently in a relationship with actor Adam Beach.


Her life took a major turn of events when she was simultaneously cast in her first professional production with a national touring company. She withdrew from university in preparation for company rehearsals, but within 2 months the company lost its funding and the show was cancelled. Having missed the university class enrollment cut-off date for the following semester, she moved to Vancouver to pursue film acting.

Within 6 months of signing an agent, Gibson booked her first lead role on a feature film—The Cycle, starring Daryl Hannah. Other work within her first year include such projects as the Hollywood blockbuster Watchmen.

Gibson's career has grown exponentially since. She is currently featured as a recurring character on the Battlestar Galactica prequel Caprica, and appeared in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse as the vampire Nettie.

When Gibson is not working on set, she occasionally still performs on stage, singing and dancing at local venues in Vancouver.


Year Film Role Notes
2008 Odysseus: Voyage to the Underworld Penelope
2009 The Devil's Ground Amy Singer
Watchmen Silhouette's Girlfriend
Happy to Be Here Barbara
2010 The Metal Box Anna Short film
The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Nettie
A Night for Dying Tigers Carly
2011 The Fence Autumn Short film
Rise of the Planet of the Apes Alyssa Williams
2012 Kill for Me Natalie Pritchard completed
Indie Jonesing Gina post-production
Leave Us Alone Short film
Year TV Show/Documentary Role Notes
2007 Psych Slut Episode: "Rob-a-Bye Baby"
Second Sight Nicole Smittz TV movie
Tin Man Twister Dancer Episodes:
"Into the Storm"
"Search for the Emerald"
"Tin Man"
2009 Stranger with My Face Lia's Nurse TV movie
Riese Hannah Episodes:
2010 Betwixt Emily TV movie
Caprica Emmanuelle Episodes:
"The Imperfections of Memory"
"Ghosts in the Machine"
"End of Line"
Supernatural Palomino Episode: "Two Minutes to Midnight"
2011 He Loves Me Sophie Hawkins TV movie
Soldiers of the Apocalypse Ella Sticks Episode: "Any Last Words?"
2012 Arctic Air Candi Lussier Episodes:
"Out of a Clear Blue Sky"
"All In"
"New North"
The True Heroines Ruby Fitzgerald Episodes:
"For All We Know"
"Come On-a My House"
Dark Universe Chloe Banks TV mini-series
American Housewife TV Pilot
2013 Eve of Destruction Chloe Banks TV mini-series
Rogue Cathy Laszlo pre-production


Gillespie, PaceyEdit


Pacey Gillespie

Pacey Gillespie is a cameo actor who portrays one of the young Quileute shape-shifters in Breaking Dawn - Part 2. His Imdb entry is here.

Grimme, CatherineEdit

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Catherine Grimme

Catherine Grimme appears in Twilight as the young Isabella "Bella" Swan in the home video. Her Imdb entry is here.


Year Film Role Notes
2008 Twilight Young Bella Swan
2009 Follow the Prophet Janie

Hebert, AshleyEdit

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Ashley Hebert

Ashley Hebert appears in Breaking Dawn - Part 2 in a cameo as a Volturi guard. Her Imdb entry is here.


Born in Lafayette, Louisiana, Ashley broke into acting in high school and soon started in her high school production of The Diary of Anne Frank. In addition to modeling throughout high school Ashley, continued to learn the craft, but soon devoted her time to her studies as a student at LSU. She began to get the acting itch again and was soon working on feature films and plays throughout Louisiana. Ashley has also worked with famed FHM and Maxim magazine photographer, Laurens Antoine.

Herndon, PatrickEdit

Patrick Herndon appears in The Groundskeeper segment of The Storytellers as Jasper Hale, his face was, however, shrouded.

Hickey, KimbraEdit

Kimbra hickey2--300x450

Kimbra Hickey

Kimbra Hickey is the hand model who holds the apple on the cover of Twilight. [6] She carries the apple with her to recreate the pose for strangers.

Hogan, MichaelEdit


Michael Hogan

Michael Hogan appears in The Mary Alice Brandon File segment of The Storytellers as Dr. Brown. His Imdb entry is here.


Michael Hogan, a prospector's son, was born in Northern Ontario. He trained at the National Theatre School of Canada, where he met his future wife, actress Susan Hogan (nee King). They worked as a package until their children, Jennie Rebecca Hogan (actress), Gabriel Hogan (actor), and Charlie Hogan (audience member), came along.

Over the years, Hogan has appeared in countless plays, films, TV series, and radio dramas, and even an opera.

Some of his favorite feature film experiences include Clearcut (1991), with his good friend, Graham Greene, shot in the bush north of Lake Superior Road to Saddle River, shot in the Badlands of Alberta; Klondike Fever (1980), with Rod Steiger, Lorne Greene, Angie Dickinson and Gordon Pinsent, shot in and around Barkerville, B.C. in the winter; A Simple Curve (2005), shot in Slocan Valley, B.C. His most rewarding television experiences include his work on Jake and the Kid (1995), Monk (2002), African Skies (1992), Dead Man's Gun (1997), Lifeline to Victory (1993), Nights Below Station Street (1997), Secret in Giving (1999) (aka Calico Christmas), For Those Who Hunt The Wounded Down (1996), and his all-time favorite, Battlestar Galactica (2004).

Among his numerous live theater performances are the title role in Cowboy King, performed on horseback at the Caravan Farm Theatre in the interior of B.C.; "Biff Loman" in Death of a Salesman, then 19 years later, "Willy Loman" in the same play; Red Mango Blues, a one-man show (with guitar virtuoso Harris Van Berkel), written by poet/playwright Charles Tidler; and "Petruchio" in Taming of the Shrew, with wife Susan Hogan as "Kate".

Hogan has performed on several radio shows, including "Pocket City Blues", a radio series about a blues DJ who stumbles into a different crime every week. Hogan's distinctive voice has also been heard over CBC Radio as the narrator of many books, poems, and short stories. His award nominations are numerous and include a Blizzard Award for Best Leading Actor (feature length) for his role in Nights Below Station Street (1997), from Manitoba Film; and a Genie for Best Supporting Actor (feature length) in Solitaire (1991).

The Hogans live on an island with son Charlie, a couple of dogs, cats, bikes, skis, and a few kayaks.

Howard, Sara YokoEdit


Sara Yoko Howard

Sara Yoko Howard appears in The Groundskeeper segment of The Storytellers as Alice Cullen. Her Imdb entry is here.

Hudema, JadeEdit


Jade Hudema

Jade Hudema appears in the segment The Mary Alice Brandon File of The Storytellers as The Killer. His Imdb entry is here.

Huston, JackEdit

TodoTwilightSaga Jack Huston MQ 01

Jack Huston

Jack Alexander Huston (born 7 December 1982) appears in Eclipse as Royce King II. His Wikipedia entry is here and his Imdb entry is here.


Huston was born in London, England, the son of Lady Margot Lavinia Cholmondeley and Walter Anthony Huston.[7] His paternal grandfather was director John Huston and his maternal grandfather was Hugh Cholmondeley, 6th Marquess of Cholmondeley; his mother's ancestors include David Sassoon, the Treasurer of Baghdad, Mayer Amschel Rothschild, who founded the Rothschild family international banking dynasty, and Robert Walpole, the first Prime Minister of Great Britain.[8][9] Huston is the nephew of actors Anjelica Huston and Danny Huston.[10]


Year Film Role
2004 Spartacus Flavius
2005 Neighborhood Watch Bob
2006 Factory Girl Gerard Malanga
2007 Shrooms Jake
2008 Miss Austen Regrets Dr. Charles Haden
The Garden of Eden David Bourne
Outlander Wulfric
2009 Boogie Woogie Joe
Salomaybe? Lord Alfred
Shrink Shamus
2009-2010 Eastwick Jamie
2010 Mr. Nice Graham Plinston
The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Royce King II
Wilde Salone Lord Alfred
2010-2013 Boardwalk Empire Richard Harrow
2011 The Hot Potato Danny
Wilde Salome Lord Alfred
2012 Two Jacks Jack Hussar Jr.
Not Fade Away Eugene
Parade's EndGerald
Tron: Uprising Rasket (voice)
2013 Kill Your Darlings Jack Kerouac
Night Train to Lisbon Amadeu
American Hustle Pete Musane
2014 Posthumous Liam Price
The Great Fire King Charles II of England
2015 The Longest Ride Young Ira Levinson
2016 Hail, Caesar! Cad in Cab
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies George Wickham
Ben-Hur Judah Ben-Hur
The Yellow Birds Sergeant Sterling
We Happy Few
2017 Above Suspicion


Hyatt, KrystopherEdit


Krystopher Hyatt

Krystopher Hyatt (born November 30th, 1991) appears in Twilight as Embry Call. He was replaced by Kiowa Gordon in the subsequent movies. His Facebook profile is here.

Hylands, ToraEdit

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Tora Hylands

Tora Hylands appears in Breaking Dawn - Part 1 as a woman driving on a road to Forks when Jacob appears in wolf form and almost gets hit by their truck. Her Imdb entry is here.

Iannuzzi, IsabellaEdit

Isabella Iannuzzi

Isabella Iannuzzi

Isabella Iannuzzi appears in Breaking Dawn - Part 2 as Renesmee Cullen's 4-year-old body double. Her Imdb entry is here.

Jarrett, PaulEdit

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Paul Jarrett

Paul Jarrett is the actor who portrays Mr. Biers in the Eclipse movie. His Imdb entry is here.

Jastrzembska, ChristinaEdit

Christina Jastrzembska

Christina Jastrzembska

Christina Jastrzembska appears in New Moon as Marie Higginbotham. She was born in 1948 in Germany to parents Boryslaw and Natalie Jastrzembska.

After World War II, Jastrzembska and her family moved to Jersey City, New Jersey in 1952 to start a new life. She attended St. Peters College, and graduated with a degree in psychology in 1970. In 1972 she moved to Canada to start an acting career, which would last for over 30 years. Her Imdb entry is here.

Johnson, LiamEdit


Liam Johnson

Liam C. Johnson appears in We've Met Before as Jasper Hale. His Imdb entry is here, his Facebook account is here, and his Twitter entry is here.


Jones, TrevorEdit

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Trevor Jones

Trevor Jones appears in Eclipse as a newborn vampire. His Imdb entry is here.

Jordan, LynneEdit

Lynne Jordan

Lynne Jordan

Lynne Jordan appears in the Consumed segment of The Storytellers as Kate - Featured Villager. Her Imdb entry is here.

Joseph, SiennaEdit


Sienna Joseph

Sienna Joseph (born Sienna Isabelle Joseph-Willie on December 3, 2006 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada), is the young actress who portrays Claire Young in Breaking Dawn - Part 1. Her Imdb entry is here.


Sienna Joseph was born Sienna Isabelle Joseph-Willie to mother Tahnee Joseph and father Brandon Willie. She has a step-father Jamie Ross and three step-siblings Dominic Ross, Ciara Ross and Latasha Ross. She enjoys singing, dancing, and going to school. Sienna loves animals, especially her cat Mufasa and dog BigBoy. She really enjoyed filming her part for Breaking Dawn - Part 1 and hopes to continue acting in the future.

Kehoe, MaryEdit


Mary Kehoe

Mary Kehoe appears in the Masque segment of The Storytellers as Claire Brant. Her Imdb entry is here.

Kenney, ElizabethEdit


Elizabeth Kenney

Elizabeth Kenney appears in the Consumed segment of The Storytellers as Jane. Her Imdb entry is here.

Kirk, Andrew JamesEdit

Andrew James Kirk appears in The Groundskeeper segment of The Storytellers as a doctor performing electrical treatment on Alice and a villager in the Consumed segment. His Imdb entry is here.

Kozel, ScottEdit


Scott Kozel

Scott Kozel appears in the Consumed segment of The Storytellers as John, the villager. His Imdb entry is here.

Krieg, JoeEdit

Joe Krieg

Joe Krieg

Joe Krieg appears in the Consumed segment of The Storytellers as Bully #1. His Imdb entry is here.

Kwiatkowski, PalomaEdit


Paloma Kwiatkowski

Paloma Kwiatkowski (born May 29, 1994, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada) appears in the segment The Mary Alice Brandon File of The Storytellers as a human Alice Cullen. Her Imdb entry is here.


Paloma Kwiatkowski was born and raised in Vancouver, BC. She is of Polish descent, with her parents having immigrated to Canada shortly before Paloma was born. She was very involved in theater, film-making and improv during high school and has twice competed on a national level at the Canadian Improv Games. During her final year of high school, Paloma received a scholarship to an acting program. In her very first audition, she booked the role of Thalia Grace in the 20th Century Fox feature film Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters.

Labell, SophieEdit


Sophie Labell

Sophie Labell appears in The Groundskeeper segment of The Storytellers as Victoria. Her Imdb entry is here.

LaRose, EricaEdit

MV5BMjE3NDEyNjIzNV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwOTYwMjk1Nw@@. V1. SY314 CR5,0,214,314

Erica LaRose

Erica LaRose appears in Breaking Dawn - Part 2 as a Volturi witness named Zena. Her Imdb entry is here.


Erica LaRose was born in Hartford, Connecticut. Erica played the piano, danced, and later modeled during her years as a teenager. While she enjoyed these hobbies fully, there always stood that need and instinct to further express through acting. After landing her first role in indie film Creepy Crawly, she knew it was her duty to act, create, and affect. She graduated Roger Williams University in Bristol, Rhode Island.

Larson, MonicaEdit

Monica Larson appears in the Consumed segment of The Storytellers as Beth - Featured Villager. Her Imdb entry is here.

Lee, John EdwardEdit

John edward lee

John Edward Lee

John Edward Lee (born June 7, 1981, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma) appears in Breaking Dawn - Part 2 as the English rocker who gets killed by vampire Garrett. His Imdb entry is here.


John began studying photography at the University of Oklahoma and finished his collegiate studies as a theater major at the University of Houston where he studied with Pulitzer Prize winning playwrights Edward Albee and Lanford Wilson.

While at the University of Houston, John worked with the actors of The Alley Theater, Houston's premier regional theater and received the full gamut of classical theater training, ranging from proper stage movement and voice, to stage combat and makeup.

John worked his way through college by working with Youth at Risk, teaching Survival Skills at several Wilderness based programs. Working in Southern Texas, Montana, Alaska, Utah, New Mexico, and Colorado helped to teach the fundamentals of Wilderness Survival and the application of these concepts and philosophies in day to day living for troubled teens.

Lehman, JesseEdit

9134488 300x300

Jesse Lehman

Jesse Lehman appears in The Groundskeeper segment of The Storytellers as James. His Imdb entry is here and his official website is here.


Jesse Lehman has been acting for over a decade, his passion for performing arts earning him an impressive list of credits. With theatre and film bookings already under his belt Jesse earned his B.A. in theater and film making at Temple University. After graduating with extensive study in classical theater, film acting, and improvisation Jesse continued to train with Temple Professor; Cheryl Williams. In addition Jesse continued his studies at the Walnut Street Theater School (after which he was head hunted by their casting department for further collaboration), and with the Cory Walker Vocal Studio.

Shortly after graduating Jesse was cast in multiple regional theatre productions and tours. He had soon cultivated an outstanding reputation within the regional theatre circuit, which quickly led him to starring roles on Philadelphia main stages such as The Adrienne. Here he performed a much loved Children’s version of The Hobbit as well as The Philadelphia premiere of Broadway’s The First Breeze of Summer. Most recently Jesse starred in Tony Award Winner, Jack Hofsiss’ Design For Living, at the Herbert Berghoff Playwright’s Theatre NYC (he was once again head hunted after attending HB Studio’s Summer Intensive Program as a scholarship student).

With a background in Film, Jesse has a multitude of screen projects to his name including short films and television appearances. He can currently be seen in the latest installment of the prolific “Twilight” series, as part of a collection of Vignettes produced by Lionsgate, Tongal, and Facebook for the Women in Film Festival. The collection of short films were released virally. “The Groundskeeper” in which Jesse played the seductive and evil James, received over 4.3 million views and was reviewed favorably by MTV after their own online release of the films.

Jesse, is always looking to make versatile additions to his skill set, he works privately with speech/dialect coach, Amanda Quaid to develop his accent work as well as vocal coaching/singing with coach Cory Walker and H.B. studio’s master teacher Martha Bernard.

Jesse is a skilled guitarist and is currently undertaking dance training for theatre professionals at Broadway Dance Centre NYC. Furthermore, Jesse is a highly skilled martial artist with over 18 combined years of experience in wrestling, jiu jitsu (purple belt), Muay Thai, boxing, and Krav Maga.

Jesse currently lives and works in NYC.


Lemos, SebastiaoEdit


Sebastiao Lemos

Sebastiao Lemos appears in Breaking Dawn - Part 1 as Gustavo. His Imdb entry is here.

Ly, AmadouEdit


Amadou Ly

Amadou Ly (born Amadou Heinz Ly) appears in Breaking Dawn - Part 2, as Henri, a witness of the Volturi. His official website is here, and his Imdb entry is here.


Ly was born in Senegal. He attended University to study engineering. Being a shy young man, a friend suggested he could overcome his shyness by taking some acting classes. Ly took his friend's advice and changed his degree to acting.

Ly's mother abandoned him at age 14 to finish his American education. He was left to face a long immigration battle, but Hollywood stars and volunteer lawyers saw his potential and helped grant him his visa. He even had to turn down television shows like Law and Order because of his status.

Ly continued his training in New York with William Esper and upon graduation moved to Hollywood. He soon took to the stage at the Actors Playpen Theatre in Sex, Relationships and Sometimes Love,.

Ly appeared in Breaking Dawn - Part 2 as the vampire Henri, a part that was specifically written into the movie by the writers. Henri is part of the duo that makes up the French Coven, so having French as a second language made him more prominent to producers.


Manning, LindaEdit


Linda Manning

Linda Manning appears in The Groundskeeper segment of The Storytellers as a night patron. Her Imdb entry is here.

Marandi, ArashEdit

Arash Marandi Girl Walks Home Alone Night jBl06-6hSRl

Arash Marandi

Arash Marandi (born on July 28, 1984; in Tehran, Iran) appears in the segment Sunrise of The Storytellers as Benjamin. His Imdb entry is here, his Facebook account is here, and his entry on is here.


  • Arash's native language is Persian. He can also speak German, English and French, and some Italian and Spanish.

Marchetti, RobertoEdit

Una-foto-di-roberto-marchetti-143974 medium

Roberto Marchetti

Roberto Marchetti (born August 6, 1980; in Ancona, Marche, Italy) appears in New Moon as a father attending the St. Marcus Day festival in Volterra when his daughter spots Edward in daylight. He is of Italian descent. His IMDb entry is here.

Marvin, Alyssa EmilyEdit

Alyssa Emily Marvin appears in the Consumed segment of The Storytellers as young Jane. Her Imdb entry is here.

Michele, LaurenEdit

MV5BMzUwMTQ5NTA3NV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMzQ5MDM5Ng@@. V1. SX214 CR0,0,214,314

Lauren Michele

Laura Michele appears Breaking Dawn - Part 1 as a socialite. Her Imdb entry is here.

Miller, Gabrielle MarieEdit


Gabrielle Marie Miller

Gabrielle Marie Miller appears in the Turncoats segment of The Storytellers as Lottie. Her Imdb entry is here.

Mooney-Fu, CaitlinEdit


Caitlin Mooney-Fu

Caitlin Mooney-Fu appears in Breaking Dawn - Part 1 as Kim.


Mooney-Fu grew up in Vancouver, BC and Mancora, Peru. She is currently studying Liberal Arts & Science in Quest University, Canada.


Mooney-Fu likes outdoor sports, especially surfing and snowboarding, and clothing design and singing. She's an athletic-track star, she has done work study with Paris designers, and she is very social conscious. Mooney-Fu has had many good works since her tweens.[11]

Mora, RichardEdit

Tumblr l6z0hpXrHz1qbh91vo1 1280

Rick Mora

Richard "Rick" Mora (born February 1, 1975; Los Angeles, California, USA.) is the actor who portrays Ephraim Black in the flashback scene of Twilight.[12] His official website is here and his Imdb entry is here.

Of Native American descent, he is also a model, musician, photographer, and producer.



Planted in the womb of my mother, a seed from the Sun. Birthed in a field of corn called Los Angeles but raised on 100 acre cattle farm in Crescent City, California. Born Yaqui and Apache of Mestizo descent, a Native man raised from the land with no electricity, no plumbing, a wood burning stove and mother who possessed the powers of mother earth.

Returning to civilization for an education by socialized America, I acquired a bachelor’s degree from California State University, Northridge.

After college I was encouraged by a friend to meet his modeling agent. My life would never be the same. It was legendary male super model agent Omar Alberto’s idea to try the Native Man in the modeling business. Having successfully shot with great photographers like Carlos Reynosa, Cliff Watts and Matthew Rolston allowed me the access to American & European commercial and modeling market. I was then booking great commercial & print accounts like Toyota, Wilson Leather and Anson’s Germany. Small spots in Television, Film and Voice soon followed. Auditioning and not landing roles with Disney / Jungle Book and Mel Gibson / Apacolypto were a just a few inspirations that kept me going till landing a small scene in the blockbuster movie TWILIGHT as Jacob Black’s great great grandfather, EPHRAIM BLACK, leader of the original Werewolf Tribe. Life has not been the same since.

Fast forward to today. Current accounts have included Union Bank, Wells Fargo Bank, Koff Beer, Bell Meat. I have completed production on Yellow Rock with Michael Biehn, James Russo and the Spears Brothers. Yellow Rock has already received 3 film awards.

The Dead and the Damned has been very well received world wide distribution and placement in Red Box and Target, I am the voice of Young Turok (alongside Irene Bedard and Adam Beach) in the animated feature Turok : Son of Stone based on the video game and am currently in development on several motion picture productions. I have 4 Rick Mora posters being distributed and have been featured in the 2009 & 2011 Native American Men’s calendar. With numerous Magazine Cover’s and interviews as a result of the growing popularity of the Native American presence in the entertainment world it was inevitable I would find my way to Radio with huge support from LA Talk Radio’s combat radio as a celebrity guest and co-host. My latest music video with Agnes Carlsson has hit over 4.7 million views and is still growing, my web presence is in the millions with a world wide fan base and I am proud to be an ambassador of the Red Crystal Gala, An E. Joyce Thomson charity to support abused women and victims of sexual assault on the reservation and am on the Board of Directors for SAVING CANINE LIVES, a dog rescue organization working with the Humane Society.[13]


Moseley, StephanieEdit

MV5BMTc1Mjg2ODMxOF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNzk3NDg2Ng@@. V1. SY314 CR22,0,214,314

Stephanie Moseley

Stephanie Moseley appeared in Breaking Dawn - Part 1 as a dancer, during Bella and Edwards' honeymoon in Brazil. Her Imdb entry is here.

Moseley died at the hands of her ex-husband, Earl Hayes on December 8, 2014 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Mulhauser, KimEdit


Kim Mulhauser

Kim Mulhauser appears in the Masque segment of The Storytellers as Julia Brant. Her Imdb entry is here.

Murphy, PeterEdit


Peter Murphy

Peter Murphy appears in Eclipse as the Cold Man. His official website is here and his Imdb entry is here.

He is an English musician, best known as the lead vocalist for the gothic rock band "Bauhaus". They included a lot of vampire imagery and themes in their music, with "Bela Lugosi's Dead" being their biggest hit.

Olsson, TyEdit


Ty Olsson

Ty Olsson appears in Breaking Dawn - Part 1 as Phil Dwyer, replacing Matt Bushell[14] in Twilight. His Imdb entry is here, and his Wikipedia entry is here.


Ty Olsson was born on January 28, 1974 in Halifax, Nova Scotia and grew up in Ottawa, Ontario. Between elementary school grades seven and eight, he had a troublemaking streak that caught the attention of a teacher, who took him under her wing. From her, Ty was exposed to school plays and auditioned for a program at Canterbury High School, a dramatic arts, dance and vocal institution, which he joined and specialized in all three subjects. Near his final year in high school, he recognized acting as a possible future career and immediately after graduating, began looking into secondary theatre education. Eventually, Ty began attending Studio 58, a prestigious Vancouver-based theatre school for three years. Upon finishing his training there, he spent a season at the Shaw Festival, doing Bernard Shaw plays and contemporaries in Niagara-on-the-Lake.

After returning to Vancouver, Ty started scoring appearances on television and film and made his debut on The X-Files. His notable roles have been as Captain Aaron Kelly in Battlestar Galactica, Mitchell Laurio on the X-Men sequel X2, a portrayal of real-life 9/11 victim Mark Bingham in Flight 93 and Sam on Men in Trees. He has also mastered voice work in series such as Clash of the Titans as Herry, a descendant of Hercules and Dragon Tales as the lovable dragon Ord.

Ty has two daughters, Mackenzie and Dagan Hunter, with ex-wife Leanna Nash.


Park, JessicaEdit


Jessica Park

Jessica Park appears in the Consumed segment of The Storytellers as Jane and Alec's mother. Her Imdb entry is here.

Passariello, SalomonEdit

MV5BMjE5NTY5NjA1M15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNzc4NjE5NQ@@. V1. SX480 SY720

Salomon Passariello

Salomon Passariello, also known as Salomon Passariello Solorzano appears in Breaking Dawn - Part 2 as a Volturi witness. His Imdb entry is here.


Salomon Passariello was born on May 27 from an artist family in Queens, New York. He was the son of star dancer Macarena Solorzano. Salomon's mother was a close friend of director/writer/producer Fina Torres.

His step-mother, Dominique Passariello Cuisine, and his uncle, Vicente Passariello, invited Salomon to be present on TV sets. Salomon spent countless weekends next to his grandmother actress Gladys Cáceres.

Salomon relocated himself to Venezuela in the early 1990s. He lived in Caracas near La Carlota military airport, where he witnessed Chavez first MBR-200 coup on February 4, 1992. Several army units under Chavez's command barreled into urban Caracas assaulting and overwhelming key military and communications installations. On 27 November 1992, a second coup attempt was launched in Caracas, led by officers from the air force and navy. Salomon's apartment was damaged by both of the airstrikes.

On December 1992, Salomon moved to France and returned to Venezuela in 1993. At some point, he met Venezuelan actor Wilmer Valderrama in 1994, with whom he would cross paths again later. Salomon returned to Caracas in 1994 until Chavez went on to win the 1998 presidential election on December 6, 1998. Salomon would live in France from 1998 to 2002, and Greece from 2002 to 2004. He would finally go back to Miami, Florida on Halloween 2004.

Upon enrolling in Los Angeles Pierce College, Salomon Passariello decided to focus on acting. He would become an aspiring actor with the versatility to perform in different languages, such as English, French and Spanish. Salomon's earlier film roles include stunts in films such as Inception. He appeared as a Queen Anne's Pirate in 2011's Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, directed by Rob Marshall. It was in this production that he became very close friends with Lejon Stewart, who appeared in 2006's Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, directed by Gore Verbinski.

His other roles include appearing as in The Muppets, Ben Affleck's Argo, as well as Iyad Hajjaj's The Rifleman. Salomon will next appear in Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises, as a prisoner who breaks out of prison. Plus a role in The Amazing Spiderman.

Pedde, EileenEdit


Eileen Pedde

Eileen Pedde appears in the segment The Mary Alice Brandon File of The Storytellers as The Nurse. Her Imdb entry is here.

Physick, JamesEdit


James Physick

James Physick appears in the Masque segment of The Storytellers as Carlisle Cullen. His official website is here and his Imdb entry is here.


Pieklo, EmmyEdit


Emmy Pieklo

Emmy Pieklo appears in the Consumed segment of The Storytellers as Village Daughter. His Imdb entry is here.

Pompei, MariagraziaEdit


Mariagrazia Pompei

Mariagrazia Pompei, also known as Maria Grazia Pompei, appears in New Moon as a mother attending the St. Marcus Day festival in Volterra.

Pongratz, JodiEdit


Jody Pongratz

Jodi Pongratz appears in the segment The Mary Alice Brandon File of The Storytellers as Alice's patient roommate. Her Imdb entry is here.

Powell, AndreaEdit


Andrea Powell

Andrea Powell appears in Breaking Dawn - Part 2 as Sasha. Born in Long Beach, California, she is married to Paul Ferguson since 1993. [15] Her Imdb entry is here.

Powers, KatieEdit

Katie Powers; Stewarts Stunt Double

Katie Powers

Katie Powers appears in the film Twilight as Amber, the waitress at the Italian restaurant Bella and Edward go to in the film Twilight. Her Imdb entry is here.

She is also Kristen Stewart's stunt double in a few scenes.

Prout, KirstenEdit


Kirsten Prout

Kirsten Prout appears in Eclipse as Lucy. Her wikipedia entry is here and Imdb entry is here.


Prout started acting at the age of ten years old and is now in her final year of high school. She has an eclectic taste in music and films and her favorite class in school has been philosophy. Her outlook for the future is to go to a university while doing other movies on the side. Prout has a younger sister named Jenn. She stays busy with Tae Kwan Do and track and field.

Prout is recognized for her role in the film Elektra, in which she starred alongside stars such as Jennifer Garner and Goran Visnjic. She has also been in the SciFi TV show Stargate SG-1 as Nesa in the episode "Birthright". She now stars as Charlotte "Char" Chamberlain in ABC Family's hit show The Lying Games.


Year Film Role
2000 The Linda McCartney Story Stella
Once Upon a Christmas Brittney Morgan
2001 Mindstorm Young Tracy Wellman
The Wedding Dress Stella Carver
Twice Upon a Christmas Brittany Morgan
2003 Stargate SG-1 Nesa
2004 The Love Crimes of Gillian Guess Amanda Guess
2005 Elektra Abigail "Abby" Miller
2006–2009 Kyle XY Amanda Bloom
2007 Tell Me No Lies Samantha Cooper
2008 Class Savage Julye
2010 The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Lucy
Seven Deadly Sins Miranda
My Super Psycho Sweet 16: Part 2 Alex Bell
Maternal Obsessions Taylin
Meteor Storm Kara
2011–present The Lying Game Charlotte "Char" Chamberlin
2012 My Super Psycho Sweet 16: Part 3 Alex Bell


Quinn, IrisEdit

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Iris Quinn

Iris Quinn (born in Amherst, Nova Scotia, Canada) appears in Eclipse as Mrs. Biers. Her Imdb entry is here.


Iris Quinn's acting career includes a variety of roles in television and film as well as stage productions and voice-over work. She also runs an actors' studio in Vancouver; coaching and mentoring young actors. In 2002 she was appointed to the faculty of University of British Columbia. She resides in Vancouver, British Columbia with her husband, actor, Fred Henderson.

Rain, JustinEdit

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Justin Rain

Justin Rain appears in Eclipse as a Quileute warrior. His Imdb entry is here.

Reid, DavidEdit

David Reid appears in the segment Masque of The Storytellers as The Butler. His Imdb entry is here.

Renai, AngeloEdit


Angelo Renai

Angelo Renai (Andrew Rukavina) appears in Breaking Dawn - Part 1 as Mr. Weber, the minister performing Bella Swan and Edward Cullen's wedding. His Imdb entry is here.


Angelo Renai was born Andrew Rukavina in Guelph, Ontario. In is first stage appearance, outside of school, he was nominated for the Dolly Nunan Award for his portrayal of Ivor in Peter Nichols' "Forget-Me-Not Lane". Angelo went on to perform in a number of theatrical productions throughout Ontario, among his favourites are Lee Blessing's "A Walk In The Woods", Mollière's "Tartuffe" and Sherman Snukal's "Talking Dirty". He obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree from Wilfrid Laurier University. While in Ontario he co-produced murder mystery dinner theatre with the now defunct "Dead Funny Murder Mysteries". After moving to the west coast, Angelo has appeared in over thirty independent short and feature films. Angelo has two sons, Nikolas Rukavina and Mikhail Kavin and makes his home in Vancouver, British Columbia

Rendino, SalEdit


Sal Rendino

Sal Rendino appears in the Masque segment of The Storytellers as Mr. Brant. His Imdb entry is here.

Riberdy, JeffEdit

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Jeff Riberdy

Jeff Riberdy appears in the Consumed segment of The Storytellers as Aro. His Imdb entry is here.


Jeff was born in Weisbaden, Germany, although not German, he is of Italian and French heritage. At six years old he moved to Texas where he was raised by his father, a military pilot, and mother a CPA. Jeff loves sports and played baseball most of his life, with his home town team the Texas Rangers as his favorite ball club. Upon graduating high school, Jeff was unsure of what degree to study so after a year of college he was presented with an opportunity to move to New York City and pursue modeling. Jeff knew this was the direction he should go. After arriving to the east coast at the age of 19 he quickly realize it was acting that was waiting for him. It grabbed a hold of him like it does for all actors and the obsession began. It was the play of acting that truly allowed Jeff to be his own person and break free of the closed shell he felt engrossed him at times. With the high of acting, and the beginning of his career with a Fringe Festival show in 2009 it all seemed to be in the right order. That show brought immediate success to Jeff, with it winning most-outstanding play at the fest. and being nominated for a GLAAD Award. A year later it was picked up off-Broadway at New World Stages. It was also in that year Jeff began his professional actors training at William Esper Studios two-year conservatory. Jeff is now a graduate of the program and was invited to join the Master Class studying directly under Bill Esper.

Roberts, RussellEdit


Russell Roberts

Russell Roberts appears in New Moon film as teacher of English Mr. Berty. His Imdb entry is here.

Robinson, Taylor DianneEdit

Taylor Dianne Robinson

Taylor Dianne Robinson

Taylor Dianne Robinson appears in Breaking Dawn - Part 2 as one of Renesmee Cullen's 5 year-old body doubles. Her Imdb entry is here.

Rosado, PharoaheEdit

Pharoahe Rosado appears in the Consumed segment of The Storytellers as young Alec. His Imdb entry is here.

Rose, JustinEdit

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Justin Rose

Justin Rose (December 4th, 1986, in Wheeling, West Virginia, USA) appears in the Turncoats segment of The Storytellers as Carlisle Cullen. His Imdb entry is here.


Justin is an American actor known for immersing himself in his performances and devoting himself to realistic character portrayals, Justin Rose started a successful career with independent films after writing and directing his own short art films with close friends.

He has also found much success in directing music videos and commercials with Chaos in Rhythm; an independent film production company.

Born in Wheeling, West Virginia, and raised by his mother. Justin began imitating his favorite actors and comedians, and decided at an early age that he wanted to become an actor.

Creativity runs in the family. Justin's brother Ryan Rose is known throughout Dallas, Texas as the dub-step artist RuMoR, who has also found success his music to the soundtrack of a few of Justin's films.

Roth, BrennaEdit

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Brenna Roth

Brenna Roth (bornBrenna Louise Roth on 1983, in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA) appears in a deleted scene of New Moon as a victim killed by Victoria. Her Imdb entry is here.


Brenna Lee Roth was born in Lincoln, Nebraska in 1983. She was a model for several companies in 1990 until 1999. In 2000, Brenna joined her brother, Kevin Roth, singing in the punk band "Bosworth". She currently lives in Cleveland, Ohio and Studio City, California. Says the thing she was born to do was to be an actress.

Russo, CorinnaEdit

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Corinna Russo

Corinna Russo appears in New Moon as the Italian girl who witnesses Edward Cullen's sparkling skin during St. Marcus Day festival.

Sandino Moreno, CatalinaEdit

TodoTwilightSaga Catalina Sandino Moreno 02

Catalina Sandino Moreno

Catalina Sandino Moreno appears in Eclipse as Maria. Her wikipedia entry is here and her Imdb entry is here.


Sandino was born in Bogotá, Colombia to a pathologist mother and a cattle breeder/veterinarian father. Before becoming an actress, she studied advertising at Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Bogotá. She relocated to New York City in 2004, after she was noticed for her talent at the Rubén Di Pietro acting school in Bogotá. She was then referred to a casting audition for the 2004 film Maria Full of Grace where she beat over 900 girls for the lead role. Sandino's role in this movie made her the first Colombian and third Hispanic actress nominated for an Academy Award.

Sandino has lived with motion picture electrician David Elwell from 2004 to the present, whom she met working on Maria Full of Grace. She married him on April 15, 2006 in a small ceremony held in Cartagena de Indias.


Year Film Role
2004 Maria Full of Grace María Álvarez
2006 Journey to the End of the Night Angie
Fast Food Nation Sylvia
2007 Paris, je t'aime Ana
The Hottest State Sarah
Heart of the Earth Blanca Bosco
Love in the Time of Cholera Hildebranda Sánchez
2008 Che Part One: The Argentine Aleida March de Guevarra
Che Part Two: Guerrilla Aleida March de Guevarra
2010 The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Maria
2012 For Greater Glory: The True Story of Cristiada Adriana
A Stranger in Paradise Jules
2013 Medeas Christina
Magic Magic Barbara


Year Award Category Result Role
2004 Cartagena Film Festival Mejor Actriz (Best Actress) Won María Full of Grace.
Chicago Film Critics Association Awards Most Promising Performer Won
Gotham Awards Won
Chicago Film Critics Association Awards New Generation Award (shared with Joshua Marston) Won
Seattle International Film Festival Golden Space Needle Award for Best Actress Won
2005 Academy Awards Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role Nominated
Broadcast Film Critics Association Award Best Actress Nominated
Chlotrudis Society for Independent Film Chlotrudis Award for Best Actress Nominated
Imagen Foundation Awards Best Actress - Film Won
Independent Spirit Awards Independent Spirit Award for Best Female Lead Won
Online Film Critics Society Best Breakthrough Performance Won
Association of Latin Entertainment Critics Cinema - Best Actress Won
Satellite Award Best Actress in a Motion Picture Drama Nominated
Screen Actors Guild Awards Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Leading Role Nominated
ShoWest Convention, USA International Star of the Year
2006 London Film Critics' Circle Actress of the Year Nominated María Full of Grace


Seear, NootEdit

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Noot Seear

Noot Seear (born Renata Seear on October 5th, 1983) appears in New Moon as Heidi. Her Imdb entry is here and her Wikipedia entry is here.


Seear was born in Vancouver, Canada of Dutch descent. She has appeared in advertising campaigns for brands such as Chanel, Giorgio Armani, Kenzo, Pantene Pro-V, Ralph Lauren Polo Jeans, Kenneth Cole, Neiman Marcus, Alberta Ferretti, Rolex, and Yves Saint Laurent, where she was memorably styled as the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci for the Rive Gauche ad campaign in 1998. Notably, she has been the face of two fragrances: Calvin Klein ck one and Vera Wang by Vera Wang.

Seear has graced the cover of Elle Germany, Amica (Italy), D (Italy), and Vogue Nippon and has been photographed by Patrick Demarchelier, Mario Sorrenti, and Paolo Roversi.

She was discovered in a shopping mall by a scout from the Look agency in Vancouver when she was 14 years old. She then began modeling in her home town in 1996. In 1997, she moved to New York City in order to further her career and gain more exposure. Seear's catwalk debut came in September 1998 at New York Fashion Week, where she walked for Calvin Klein, Daryl K, and Ralph Lauren.

During her career, she has walked the runway for designers such as Balenciaga, Lanvin, Karl Lagerfeld, Alexander Wang, Proenza Schouler, Ralph Lauren, Diane von Furstenberg, Givenchy, Chanel, and Alexander McQueen.

Seear has also pursued a career as an actress, and played the role of Heidi in the sequel to the movie Twilight, New Moon.

In her free time, Seear enjoys riding horses and snowboarding. She has a tattoo on her left arm.


Year Film Role Note
1999 Cold Squad Cindy
2001 Head Over Heels KC Girl
2006 Whistler Holy
2007 Kaya Kissing Model
2009 New Moon Heidi
2010 The Suitcase Short
2011 Special Things to Do Cat Cedar / CC Short
Burial Jessie Short
2012 Scruples Melanie Adams
2013 House of Lies Supermodel TV series
Episode: ""
2014 Electric Slide Amazonian Twin

Shearon, ZachEdit


Zach Shearon

Zach Shearon appears in the Consumed segment of The Storytellers as Alec. His Imdb entry is here.

Shepard, IanEdit


Ian Shepard

Ian Shepard appears in the Turncoats segment of The Storytellers as Garrett. His Imdb entry is here.

Singleton, RobertEdit

Robert Singleton appears in the Turncoats segment of The Storytellers as the commanding officer. His Imdb entry is here.

Small, LindsayEdit


Lindsay Small

Lindsay Small (Lindsay Erin Small) appears in Breaking Dawn - Part 2 as a Volturi witness. Her Imdb entry is here.

Smallman, AudreyEdit

Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 9.03.50 PM

Audrey Smallman appears in The Mary Alice Brandon File segment of The Storytellers as Cynthia Brandon. Her IMDB entry is here.

Smith, Kimani RayEdit

Kimani ray smith

Kimani Ray Smith

Kimani Ray Smith (March 2, 1972 in Toledo, Ohio, USA) appears in Breaking Dawn - Part 1 as a man driving on a road to Forks when Jacob almost gets hit by his truck. His Imdb entry is here

St. Gelais, RachelEdit


Rachel St. Gelais

Rachel St. Gelais appears in Breaking Dawn - Part 2, as a body double for Mackenzie Foy in the role of Renesmee Cullen. Her Imdb entry is here.

CGI effects have placed primary actress Mackenzie Foy's head on her body. Renesmee has dramatic growth spurts and begins to look like a five-year-old after about a month.

One of St. Gelais's earliest film roles was with Diana Scarwid in And Then She Was Gone, filmed in Savannah, Georgia. Her three older siblings, Justin, Steven, and Renee, are also working actors. Most recently, St. Gelais was in The Blind Side at age 5 and Little Red Wagon in June 2010, which stars Chandler Canterbury and Daveigh Chase. St. Gelais enjoys dramatic film roles and one of her favorite actors is C. Thomas Howell, whom she met on the set of The Jailhouse.

Stratton, KailynEdit

Kailyn Stratton appears in Breaking Dawn - Part 2 as one of Renesmee Cullen's 5 year-old body doubles. Her Imdb entry is here.

Szymanski, BartekEdit

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Bartek Szymanski

Bartek Szymanski appears in the Consumed segment of The Storytellers as Bully #3. His Imdb entry is here.

Tremblay, EmmaEdit


Emma Tremblay

Emma Tremblay appears in the segment The Mary Alice Brandon File of The Storytellers as young Alice Cullen. Her Imdb entry is here.

Tracy, John EmmetEdit


John Emmet Tracy

John Emmet Tracy (born on July 2, 1969; Chicago, Illinois, USA) appears as Edgar John Brandon in The Mary Alice Brandon File segment of The Storytellers. His Imdb entry is here.

Trimble, SolomonEdit


Solomon Trimble

Solomon Trimble is the actor who portrays Sam Uley in Twilight. He was replaced by Chaske Spencer in the subsequent films. His Imdb entry is here.


Solomon Trimble (Mescalero Apache, Lakota) was born in Wichita Kansas. Solomon has been a traditional Native American Grass Dancer since the age of 3. Between the ages of 3-13, Solomon was also a member of a Northwest Native American champion youth drum group “The Young Spirit Singers”. After the group disbanded, Solomon moved to New Mexico to be closer to his Grandfather and to attend the Native American Preparatory School. This was where Solomon found the love for poetry and math (though his grades did not reflect as great a love). Solomon’s family could not afford his tuition and travel expenses for him to complete high school in New Mexico, so he returned to Portland and was recruited by the Dance West Dance Guild, the then Dance West Dance Company. Solomon studied Jazz, Tap and Ballet, under Terry Brock and Julane Stites, and helped choreograph a marriage between ballet and Native American dance which gave him the opportunity to travel to Canada and Japan, with Dance West.

For his senior year, Solomon decided to finish high school while living on the Lummi Reservation in Bellingham, Washington with his older Sister and to be closer to his now infamous younger brother. This was also where he became more familiar with northwest tribal customs and learned to play the guitar. Trimble returned to Portland upon graduation and continued his education at Portland Community College, pursuing guitar and voice as a music major, to become a rock star. His love for mathematics and music were equal. Solomon could not afford to be classically trained to continue towards a degree in music, so he graduated in 2005, with an Associates of Science in Mathematics and graduated this spring 2008 from Portland State University with a Bachelors in Mathematics, and a Philosophy Minor. Solomon was a member of United Indian Students in Higher Education and the American Indian Science and Engineering Society; and is now acting as alum for both. For the past three years he has been a K through12 student teacher. Before accepting his role as Sam Uley, Trimble was considering attending graduate school for a masters in school administration or Lewis & Clarke Law School. He still hopes to become an attorney focused on Native American Issues. Trimble spends his free time connecting with Elders in his city, learning traditional songs of all tribes and participating in Native American ceremonies as invited in his area. He also tutors Native American youth in math, and culture to facilitate transitions from reservation life to the city.


Year Film Role
2008 Twilight Sam Uley
2010 The Price Arrio
2013 Train Master II: Jeremiah's Treasure Tree Climber

Troy, EddieEdit

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Eddie Troy

Eddie Troy appears in the segment Masque of The Storytellers as Charles Evenson. His Imdb entry is here.


Edward Alexander Troy was born in Boston, Massachusetts to Edward H. Troy and Alexandra Troy. He is of Dutch, Irish, and Scottish Decent. Troy was brought up in Somerville, Massachusetts. Eddie starred in his first play at the age of four. He was educated at St. Peter's in Cambridge, Massachusetts, then at Andover High School, and subsequently at Southern New Hampshire University. In his senior year at Southern New Hampshire, Troy quit the lacrosse team to fall back into acting after a two year hiatus. After a year of theater with the Middlesex Theater Company out of Lowell, Massachusetts, he began his career in film. In his debut performance in City of Homes (2015), Troy was nominated for Best Actor in the Blackbird Film Festival, as well as The Monthly Film Festival (TMFF). Shortly after, he made his first television appearance in the HBO pilot The Devil You Know (2015), written by Jenji Kohan, and directed by Gus Van Sant. Following the pilot he began studying at Boston University for two years under Jan Egleson, a former student of Stella Adler. Eddie made his feature film debut in Detroit (2017). He currently lives in Los Angeles, California where he continues to pursue his career in acting.

Unterman, CaseyEdit


Casey Unterman

Casey Unterman appears in Breaking Dawn - Part 2 as a Volturi guard. His Imdb entry is here.

Valenti, J.P.Edit


J.P. Valenti

J.P. Valenti (born Jeffrey-Paul Valenti, on April 21, 1983 in Hartford, Connecticut, USA) appears in the segment Masque of The Storytellers as Charles Gentry. His Imdb entry is here.

Virguez, CarolinaEdit

Carolina Virguez

Carolina Virguez

Carolina Virguez appears in Breaking Dawn - Part 1 as Kaure. Her Imdb entry is here.

Wachsberger, JustineEdit


Justine Wachsberger

Justine Wachsberger appears in New Moon as Gianna. Her Imdb entry is here.


Justine was born on August 9, 1984 in Los Angeles County, California, USA. She graduated from the University of Southern California in 2006 with a major in Communications and Theatre. In her spare time, Justine enjoys shopping, hiking, going to the movies, visiting museums, and traveling.


Year Film Role
2004 First Daughter Passing Student
2009 Sorority Row Katie
The Twilight Saga: New Moon Gianna
2010 Wings and Beer (short) Jess
Red Nurse
2012 Teen Wolf Ambulance Driver
LA's Angel (short) Penelope - The Hooker
2013 The Mentalist Receptionist
Beautiful Creatures Justine Duchannes
Weightless Jennifer
Now You See Me Nicole Mercier
2014 Divergent



Wagenseller, BillyEdit

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Billy Wagenseller

Billy Wagenseller (born Kirk William Wagenseller IV, on March 11, 2007) appears in Breaking Dawn - Part 2 as Denali coven member Vasilii. His Imdb entry is here.


Wiebe, CainanEdit


Cainan Wiebe

Cainan Wiebe (born August 27, 1995 in British Columbia, Canada) appears in Eclipse as a newborn vampire in Maria's army. His Imdb entry is here.

His older sister is singer/songwriter Hailey Morgan.

West, Kevin CraigEdit


Kevin Craig West

Kevin Craig West appears as Kumboh of The Groundskeeper segment of The Storytellers. His Imdb entry is here, his twitter account is here, and his official website is here.


Kevin Craig West—Award winning actor/filmmaker and proud member of SAG-AFTRA and AEA. When not on camera or stage, he enjoys producing, directing, writing and coaching. He also enjoys sharing his talents as a teacher/artist and has worked with many Arts in Education groups including Theatre for a New Audience, Only Make Believe, and Symphony Space. Kevin is the owner of the production company, MoBetta Films, an advisory board member of WAM Theatre as well as Lake Placid Film Forum, former President of Upstate Independents and has served as Assistant Director of FilmColumbia Festival.

Wilkinson, MilliEdit

Milli Wilkinson

Milli Wilkinson

Milli Wilkinson appears in Breaking Dawn - Part 2 as one of Renesmee Cullen's 4-year-old body doubles. Her Imdb entry is here.

Williams, WillEdit

Will C. Williams appears in The Mary Alice Brandon File segment of The Storytellers as the Groundskeeper at the asylum. His Imdb entry is here.

Wilson, Justin L.Edit

Justin L. Wilson appears in the Consumed segment of The Storytellers as William, the villager. His Imdb entry is here.

Wright, TonyEdit

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Tony Wright

Tony Wright, also known as Tony Ramos Wright appears in the segment Masque of The Storytellers as Mr. Stevens. His Imdb entry is here.

Yannotti, GiovannaEdit

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Giovanna Yannotti

Giovanna Yannotti appears in New Moon as a Native American. Her Imdb entry is here.


She was born on March 26, 1987 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.

Married her boyfriend of 2 years, Kurt Angle, giving later birth to daughter Giuliana Marie Angle on January 21, 2011.

Zúñiga, JoséEdit


José Zúñiga

José Zúñiga appears in Twilight, as Forks High School's biology teacher Mr. Molina. His wikipedia entry is here and his Imdb entry is here.


Zúñiga was born in Honduras. He is best known for his roles in films such as Alive, Ransom, Con Air, Fresh, Crooklyn, Next Stop Wonderland and Twilight. He has appeared in several television shows including 24, Prison Break, Law & Order, The O.C., CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Bones, Dexter and Medium.


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