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The Monterrey Coven was a vampire coven living in the southern parts of North America—during the Southern vampire wars. It consisted of Maria, her mate and two old vampires before it was destroyed.


The coven was established during the time of the Southern vampire wars, after Benito, his army and everyone associated with newborn armies were destroyed. This coven, along with many others, attempted to take control over the South again and the wars restarted, but on a smaller scale to keep the Volturi from having a reason to return. The coven had control over parts of Monterrey, Mexico, and the surrounding area, before it was destroyed by other covens. The only member who managed to escape was Maria, who then joined forces with two other vampires named Nettie and Lucy to build a better newborn army to take back their territories. Currently, she is still active in creating and disposing newborns to protect her areas.


  • Maria

    Maria: The sole survivor after the coven's demise, and now the leader of the Mexican coven. With her army of newborns, she reclaimed the lost territory and expanded her areas. Nowadays, she continues to create newborns to defend her territories.
  • Maria's mate: Died during the attack. Maria never found another one to replace her love from him.
  • Two older vampires: Two vampires who acted for all intents and purposes like parents to Maria. Both were killed when their coven was destroyed.


This coven was only mentioned in The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide.