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"Eyes on the screen, people."
―Mr. Berty to his class.[src]

Mr. Berty is Bella Swan and Edward Cullen's English teacher during their senior year. He does not seem particularly fond of the Cullens.

He is portrayed by Russell Roberts in the movie adaptation of New Moon.


New Moon[]

He shows the class a film adaptation of Romeo and Juliet at the beginning of New Moon. In the movie, he asks Edward to recite Romeo's last lines to show he was paying attention (he was talking to Bella at the time). He looks visibly disturbed when Edward recites the words perfectly, and tells his students to return their attention to the screen to watch the last parts of the movie.


Bella and Edward walk into his class right as he was reciting a Frost poem. When he noticed their 'secret' exchange of notes during class, he approaches them and asks Edward if there is something he would like to share. He then scans Edward's notes—transcription of his lecture—before walking away frowning.

Film portrayal[]

Russell Roberts

Mr. Berty is played by Russell Roberts in the New Moon movie.


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