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"This kid, Riley Biers, disappeared over a year ago. And his poor parents have been looking for him ever since."

Mr. Biers is Riley Biers's father.


Mr. Biers and his wife had three children; one girl and two boys while living in several places in the Southwest and along the Pacific coast during her children's childhood and adolescence. Riley, his middle child, was at the end of his freshman year at Oregon State University when Victoria turned him into a vampire. He never went back to visit his family.


Riley Missing.jpg

"I'll put up these flyers first thing in the morning."
"Thank you."
―Charlie and Mr. Biers[src]

Mr. Biers makes a brief appearance with his wife at the beginning of the Eclipse movie adaptation, where they converse with Charlie Swan about Riley's disappearance. In the movie, his family resides in Forks, Washington; since his son went missing over one year ago, they had been handing out flyers to look for him.

Film portrayal[]

Paul Jarrett

Mr. Biers is portrayed by Paul Jarrett in the movie adaptation of Eclipse.