"That's what we get for giving Shakespeare to the masses."
―Mr. Brant

Mr. Brant was a minor character who appeared in the short movie, Masque—one of seven segments in the collection of The Storytellers: The New Voices of the Twilight Saga.

He was portrayed by Sal Rendino.



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Mr. Brant was a man who lived in the 1920s. He had two daughters, Claire and Julia. The man was wealthy, and with it his life was consumed by vanity, pride and cruelty. He took joy in tearing down people of the lower class.

During a masquerade party orchestrated by him as investment to the local hospital, Mr. Brant openly revealed Claire's relationship with Teddy and mocked him in front of everyone. When Teddy left, Claire ran after him and Mr. Brant followed in tow to stop her. In the garden, an argument ensued them which soon escalated to violence; Mr. Brant slapped his daughter mercilessly. Esme Cullen witnessed the incident and, in a flashback of her previous life with her first husband, saved Claire and attacked the man. She was close to choking him to death when Carlisle appeared and stopped her.

Physical appearance

Mr. Brant had whitish dark hair that was slowly graying with age.

Film portrayal


Sal Rendino

Mr. Brant is portrayed by Sal Rendino in Masque.


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