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"We gotta go. We gotta go. Green is what? Good. Let's go."
―Mr. Molina[src]

Mr. Molina is Bella Swan and Edward Cullen's Biology II teacher during their junior year in the Twilight movie. The corresponding character in the novel is Bob Banner.

He is portrayed by José Zúñiga in the movie.



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"… I'm gonna make a steaming cup of "compost tea"… Yeah, this is recycling in its most basic form, but DON'T DRINK IT!"
―Mr. Molina, to his students[src]

Mr. Molina first appears in biology classroom when Bella joins his class. One week later, he makes a contest between the students whereas students of the same table will become partners and study the onion root cells of mitosis, and presents a golden onion as the prize to the first group that gets it right. Bella and Edward end up winning the prize.

He is last seen taking his students out on a field trip for environmental studies and introducing the most basic form of recycling: compost tea.

Physical appearance[]

Mr. Molina has black curly hair, dark brown eyes and an olive tone to his skin. From appearance, he is likely to be of foreign descent. He is always wearing glasses, and is seen wearing a black jacket during screen time.

Film portrayal[]

José Zúñiga

Mr. Molina is portrayed by José Zúñiga in Twilight.