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"I was running from my dad. He used to knock me around a lot. Probably did the same to my mom before she took off. I was pretty little then—I didn't know much. It got worse. I figured if I waited too long I'd end up dead. He told me if I ever ran away I'd starve. He was right about that—only thing he was ever right about as far as I'm concerned."
Bree Tanner, on her father[src]

Mr. Tanner is Bree Tanner's abusive father, who murdered his wife.


Mr. Tanner married and fathered a daughter named Bree. When Bree was four years old, he murdered his wife and buried her body in the desert, then packed up their things and moved to Idaho with his young daughter. Throughout the years, he made her believe that her mother left them. He also physically abused her, and as a result, Bree became isolated and withdrawn. No one noticed the signs of her poor home life, despite some physical evidence.

When Bree was fifteen, she could no longer able to stand his treatment, and ran away from home a few weeks before her sixteenth birthday. She bought a bus ride to Seattle, where she became a vampire and joined the Seattle newborn army. Unbeknownst to her, her mother's bones were found by the police, and when they did not find Bree, they were led to believe that she had met the same fate and arrested her father for both murders.[1]

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