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"Mr. Varner would rather believe that anyone was cheating than think a student was smarter than him..."
―Shelly Cope's thoughts.[src]

Mr. Varner is a character in Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series. He is Bella's trigonometry teacher during her junior year. His Life and Death counterpart is Ms. Varner.



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Bella hates him both for the subject he was teaching and because he was the only teacher who made her introduce herself to the class. On the second day, he angers her further by asking her a question she couldn't answer. He sat her next to Jessica Stanley.

He is one of the two teachers who helped to move Tyler Crowley's van after the accident.

Midnight Sun[]

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In Midnight Sun, Shelly Cope mentions that he dislikes the Cullens because they are smarter than him and likes to think they are cheating rather than accept the fact.

New Moon[]

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During Bella's senior year, he is her calculus teacher. He gave her dark looks when she entered his class late. Bella's improved grades in calculus made him believe to be a result of his "superior teaching", but in truth, Bella only spent more time to her studies in order to avoid thinking about Edward.


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Edward offers to bribe Mr. Varner to give Bella an A on her calculus exam, but she declines. On graduation day, he lines every student up alphabetically at the ceremony while principal Greene calls every student's name.


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