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"She was under his spell."

Pire was the mother of the half-vampire Nahuel and the younger sister of Huilen.


Pire was born into the Mapuche about 150 years ago, and was known for being incredibly beautiful.

Unfortunately, she attracted the attention of the vampire Joham, who seduced her and impregnated her with their son. Joham believed he was creating a super-race, and only wanted to use Pire to have another child. However, it was extremely difficult for him, because she was his "la tua cantante", though he succeeded in the end. After Pire told Joham about her pregnancy, he abandoned her. She then told her sister, and the two fled the village because both knew their people, even their own parents, would kill them. Pire, not knowing Joham had abandoned her, searched for him, but couldn't find him. Huilen hunted for her, and Pire drank the blood of the animals she caught.

Despite the pain and harm her unborn son was putting her through, Pire never stopped loving him. She named him Nahuel, after the jungle cat of South America, because he was so strong. When Nahuel had grown enough, he tore himself free from Pire's womb. Pire, in her last moments, begged Huilen to raise him. Huilen agreed to do so, and Pire died.

Nahuel bit Huilen and turned her into a vampire. She crawled deep into the forest and waited painfully for death while Nahuel crawled over and slept next to her. But she raised him as she promised her sister, teaching him to respect and value humans. Nahuel blamed himself for his mother's death, and saw himself as an evil creation until he met the Cullen family. Near the end of Breaking Dawn, Bella noticed Nahuel staring at either her or Renesmee oddly. She asked Edward why he did it and he told her that Nahuel was staring at her because he saw the life his mother should have had and looked at him and saw who his father should have been.

Physical appearance[]

Pire was known to have been so beautiful in her village that she attracted Joham's notice. Nahuel inherited her human teak eyes and black hair color.


In her people's language, Pire's name meant "snow on the mountains".

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