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"He told me about the only daughter of a powerful man—exactly what kind of power this man wielded, Royal hadn't entirely understood—and how Royal had planned to marry her and become heir to the dynasty. How the beautiful daughter pretended to love him to please her father, and then how she had watched when her lover from a rival criminal syndicate had Royal beaten to death, how she'd laughed aloud the whole time. He told me about the revenge he'd gotten…"
―Royal's story[src]

Rowena King was a human who lived during the Great Depression. She was the daughter of a criminal lord, and had a secret boyfriend in the enemy syndicate. When she was engaged to Royal Hale, she had her boyfriend kill him. Royal, after becoming a vampire, returned for revenge. Her Twilight Saga counterpart is Royce King II.


Rowena's father was a powerful criminal lord. Unbeknownst to her father, Rowena had a secret relationship with the son of the enemy syndicate. When her father announced Royal Hale as Rowena's fiancé, she pretended to show affection. She told her boyfriend about her engagement. One night, the boyfriend had his mafia colleagues corner Royal then proceeded to beat him. Rowena watched in amusement as they beat him near death. As Royal lay battered and dying in the street, Carine Cullen found him and bit him to save his life, turning him into a vampire.

After discovering his immense superhuman power, Royal reaped revenge on his attackers. He was carrying the broken body of Rowena's boyfriend in his arms when he came for her.


From Stephenie Meyer's description, Rowena was an even crueler person than her male counterpart, Royce; while the man was cruel, he at least harbored desire for Rosalie Hale, whereas Rowena was ice cold toward Royal.[1]

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