Sancar's harem was a vampire coven created by a Turkish vampire named Sancar, though it was actually a harem. This coven was destroyed by Siobhan when she killed Sancar around 1510.


He loved the idea of creating a vampire harem and traveled through Europe to look for exceptional women for his collection, with human servants of his own. In the end, he found seven women to add to the harem, three of whom were completely devoted to him.

When Sancar heard of the beautiful Irish woman, Siobhan, who was stronger than any man, he sought her out and became completely infatuated with her complexion and physique. That night, he made his move on her, raped and bit her, and took her back to his lair while she was in transition.

However, before Siobhan's newborn year ended, she killed Sancar and his most devoted followers. The four who weren't devoted to him went their own ways, and the coven split.


  • Sancar: Founder and master of this coven. He enjoyed the company of beautiful women so much he created the harem as a vampire, turning only women who appealed to him. He was most appealed by Siobhan. However, she showed no loyalty to him, and before the end of her year as a newborn, he died in her hands.
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    Siobhan: The last member of the harem, Sancar heard whispers about her while in Ireland and sought her out. When he saw Siobhan, he was amazed by her beauty and strength that compared to no one. That night, he raped her and then changed her. However, Siobhan never had loyalty to Sancar. She killed him and broke the coven apart before her newborn year ended. She spent the next centuries traveling and eventually built the Irish coven with mate, Liam, and Maggie.
  • Seven female vampires: All of them chosen and turned by Sancar for his collection. Of all seven (excluding Siobhan), three of them were entirely loyal to Sancar and were killed trying to avenge him. The other four, feeling no real loyalty toward Sancar, went their separate ways after his death.
  • Human servants: Kept for entertainment, services, and sustenance. Presumably, when the harem split apart, the remaining humans escaped.


This coven was only mentioned in The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide.

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