Sarah Black (née Wilde) is the late wife of Billy Black and the mother of Rachel, Rebecca, and Jacob Black. Her Life and Death counterpart is George Black.


Little is known about Sarah, as she was rarely mentioned in the series. While she was alive, she was a full-time mother and part-time painter, working mostly with watercolors. Her daughter, Rebecca, followed in her steps, though she prefers oils. She knew about the Quileute's magic, but hoped that her son would never have to live with it.

She died in a car accident sometime between 1999 and 2000, and her body was so mangled that her coffin was nailed shut. Rebecca and Rachel took their mother's death so badly that they were unable to stay at La Push, as the reservation contained too many painful memories. Jacob, however, recovered faster when his sisters took care of him. He was younger, so he didn't remember his mother much. He later commented that Esme Cullen reminded him of his mother, because of her gentle nature.

In New Moon, Jacob explains to Bella Swan that his phasing into a shape-shifter was unavoidable, as Billy's grandfather was Ephraim Black and Sarah's grandfather was Quil Ateara II, both of whom were members of the original pack. Charlie Swan also describes Jacob as a "good-looking kid" who takes after his mother's personality.

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