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Serena is a human-vampire hybrid. She is the first daughter of Joham, the older half-sister of Maysun, and the oldest half-sister of Nahuel, and Jennifer, and the first known hybrid in existence.


Serena was born around 1810 in Norway, and was named after her mother. Joham raised her and stayed with her while studying her growth until she reached maturity, then left her and went on his own. After his second daughter Maysun was born, Joham contacted Serena and told to take care of her sister until she was old enough to hold a conversation with.

When Nahuel was born, Joham ordered her to pick him up, but she got thwarted by Huilen, Nahuel's vampire aunt. Since her father did not leave her any way to contact him, she waited until he did. She told him about the vampire that stopped her, which upset him but also pleased when he learned that he had fathered a son. After his son refused to join his family, Joham fathered another daughter, Jennifer, and stayed closer to her than to his other children, careful not to repeat situation like Nahuel's again.

Personality and traits[]

Serena is more devoted to her father than the rest of her siblings. She is described by Nahuel as being too much like Joham and thus; her siblings do not like her.



Joham is Serena's father and is currently living with him as a nomad. Of all siblings, Serena is closest to him and never questions his motives, for instance, she raised her siblings when he told her to do so. As his first born, Joham spent her entire childhood studying her development and gradually shaped her personality similar to his.


Maysun is Serena's younger half-sister and is currently living with Serena and their father as nomads.


Nahuel is Serena's younger half-brother. He is the only one who doesn't live with their family, since he already lives with his aunt, Huilen. Due to her similar personality to Joham, Nahuel dislikes her more than his other half-sisters. In spite of their differences, Nahuel still saw her as a victim in Joham's plot.


Jennifer is Serena's youngest half-sister and is currently living with her two other sisters and their father as nomads.

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