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Shelly Cope is the receptionist in the Forks High School front office. Her Life and Death counterpart is Mr. Cope.

She is portrayed by Trish Egan in the movie adaptation.



She is said to be impressed by the attractiveness of Edward Cullen and the rest of the Cullens. She gives Bella Swan a map on her first day at the school. In the movie, Shelly seems unaffected by Edward's handsome looks when he comes to ask about transferring to another class subjected to science, and she sternly insists that he needs to stay in biology.

Midnight Sun[]

In Midnight Sun, Edward observes her thoughts and notices that she is easily dazzled by him and often thinks about him in a romantic way. He considers murdering her so to be able to drink Bella's blood, when she walked into the small, warm school office. Later on, when trying to dazzle her, Edward wonders why Bella's reactions could not be more like Ms. Cope's.

Physical appearance[]

She is described as large, red-haired and wearing glasses. She is said to have small brown eyes in Midnight Sun. In the movie, however, she does not wear glasses and her hair is gray.

Film portrayal[]

Trish Egan

Shelly Cope is portrayed by Trish Egan in the Twilight movie.


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