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Picking a team.... Edward or Jacob?

Fans of Twilight tend to divide themselves into teams based on their preference of the two male protagonists of the series, Edward Cullen and Jacob Black.

People who identify themselves as "Team Edward" favor Bella Swan choosing Edward, while those on "Team Jacob" believe that she should be with Jacob.

Additionally, fans who are unable to decide between the two often refer to themselves as "Team Switzerland," in reference to a conversation Bella has with Edward in Chapter 6 of Eclipse: "I am a neutral country. I am Switzerland."

Typically, Team Edward is the most popular choice in fan polls.[1]

There is a small minority that is Team Tyler's van. These are people who believe Tyler's van should have killed Bella in the first place, thus ending the series.

Fans who decide to redirect their focus to Renesmee and Jacob's future are referred to as "Team Renesmee."

Fans may also pick a team of the character they like the most, rather than whom they would like Bella to end up with. For example, Team Jasper, Team Alice, Team Emmett, or Team Esme.

Examples are:

Edward Cullen.jpg This user is on Team Edward.
PeopleMagJakeBike.jpg This user is on Team Jacob.
Bella Swan.jpg This user is on Team Bella.

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