The Storytellers—the New Voices of the Twilight Saga: The Groundskeeper is a short film of The Storytellers, based on Stephenie Meyer's background story of the Twilight Saga. The collection of short films was released on July 14, 2015.

This is the 5th segment, and landed last place in the competition.


Mental patient Mary Alice Brandon receives shock treatment. When groundskeeper Kumboh hears her painful cry, he questions the night patron for the reason: Alice was the one who requested the treatment.


Kumboh hypnotizes a night patron.

Kumboh then visits Alice and asks her for the reason. She says forgetting would be a mercy, but the treatment did not work. When he asks what she was trying to forget, she tells him that something (particularly two vampires named James and Victoria) was making its way to kill her tonight. Kumboh wants to take her away, but Alice foresees the enemy catching up; he then decides to cover her scent in a river, but she sees the same outcome. Kumboh suggests leading the enemy away, but there are two of them. Out of options, he decides to change her into a vampire. Alice immediately sees the outcome; the only way for her to survive is if Kumboh fights them until the transformation is complete, but it will also lead to his own destruction, and even if succeeded, the chance of her survival is still slim and she will not remember him. She tells him about his future, where he could have a home and a family, even a throne if he desired, but he remains adamant, saying that he has lived long enough and that she should find a future for herself. Giving in, Alice lets him carry her out and then change her.


Alice in transition.

James and Victoria follow them to a cemetery, where Kumboh fights them off despite his disadvantage. He breaks James's leg to anger him to the point of forgetting Alice and leads them away. Meanwhile, Alice receives multiple visions of possible futures while in transition, and eventually sees her encounter with another man. She whispers "Jasper".

At daybreak Kumboh is finally destroyed by James and Victoria, but Alice's transformation is complete.


Image Actor Role
Uj3yjab8me8d3jj8 Kevin Craig West Kumboh
Sara-yoko-howard Sara Yoko Howard Mary Alice Brandon
Sophie-labelle Sophie Labell Victoria
9134488 300x300 Jesse Lehman James
Linda-Manning Linda Manning Night Matron
Patrick Herndon Jasper Whitlock
Andrew James Kirk The Doctor

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