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"She saved the tribe."
―Billy Black on the third wife.[src]

The Third Wife was an ancient Quileute woman, who was the last wife of Taha Aki, and one of the most legendary people in her tribe known for her sacrifice for the tribe.

She is portrayed by Mariel Belanger in the movie adaptation of Eclipse.



After her son Yaha Uta killed the Cold Man, his mate, the Cold Woman, attacked the village in revenge. Yaha Uta attempted to stop her but was killed, leaving Taha Aki as the only spirit warrior left to defend the tribe. The Third Wife could see that he was losing the fight, and couldn't bear to see her husband die. She took one of her younger sons' knives and stabbed herself through the heart. The scent of her blood distracted the Cold Woman long enough for Taha Aki to destroy her. A number of her sons, who were enraged by her death, phased for the first time into wolves. Once the battle was won, Taha Aki lay in his wolf form by the Third Wife's body for three days, then vanished into the forest and was never seen or heard from again.


Her bravery earned her a place in the Quileutes' legends. Though very little is known about her, she is mentioned by Billy Black at the Quileute council meeting in the Eclipse movie and book.

The Third Wife's sacrifice inspires Bella Swan to slash her arm with a jagged rock to help Edward Cullen and Seth Clearwater win their fight with Victoria and Riley, while in the book Bella only contemplates the act. Bella dreams of it often and, in one scene in the Eclipse film, she dreamed of Victoria ordering Jasper to kill her. This gives her the idea of sacrificing herself, though she much less dramatically cut herself.

While the Third Wife killed herself in the book, she only stabbed her abdomen in the movie, but remained alive.

Film portrayal[]

Mariel Belanger

The Third Wife is portrayed by Mariel Belanger in Eclipse.

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