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Tiffany Call is a woman from the Makah tribe and the mother of Embry Call, a shape-shifter of the Black pack.


Tiffany moved down to La Push from the Makah reservation while she was pregnant with her son, Embry. She was of Makah descent, with no known connection to anyone in La Push, and people wondered why she would relocate. However, as time passed, she became an established member of the community and people stopped speculating about her past. She found a job at the checkout of the small souvenir shop on First Beach on the reservation and provided for both herself and Embry.

When Embry asked about his father, Tiffany simply said that he was someone she had not known well and had lost track of before Embry was born, but after Embry phased and joined the pack, it became apparent that his father was either Billy Black, Quil Ateara IV, or Joshua Uley. No formal attempt to check these hypothesis has apparently been made; Embry is unable to confront his mother because the heritage has to be kept a secret.

Consequently, Tiffany is led to believe that he is going through a rebellious stage. Every night she finds him missing when she checks his bed, so she yells at him in the morning and he takes it in silence, then they go through the whole process again the next day. He is permanently grounded for sneaking out, though he continues to do so to help protect the reservation.

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Tiffany's name was first mentioned in The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide.