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"I would never go against you."
―Toshiro's words to the Volturi.[src]

Toshiro was a Japanese nomadic vampire who appeared in Breaking Dawn - Part 2, and a character created exclusively for the movie.[1]

He is portrayed by Masami Kosaka in the second movie adaptation.


Breaking Dawn[]

Toshiro caught in Alec's mist.

"It seems Carlisle is still expecting you."

Carlisle Cullen asked for Toshiro's aid when the Volturi threatened to destroy his family. The Volturi tracked him down in London, where he attempted to escape Alec's paralyzing vapor. Demetri and Felix subdued him long enough for the vapor to catch up, momentarily immobilizing him. When Aro interrogated him about Carlisle's plea for help, Toshiro told them he turned him down because he would never go against them.

Aro read his thoughts to gather information. After claiming his knowledge and finding out that Carlisle was still expecting him, Aro walked away with Caius and Marcus while Felix and Demetri disposed of Toshiro.

Physical appearance[]

Toshiro was a vampire of Japanese descent. He had long black hair with a stubble on his chin and wore a black outfit, and, like most vampires, he had blood red eyes. He had an olive tone to his skin as well.

Film portrayal[]

Masami Kosaka

Toshiro is portrayed by Masami Kosaka in Breaking Dawn - Part 2.

While being interviewed at the Breaking Dawn - Part 1 movie premiere theater, he said that his character was a secret and will appear in the second movie.[2]