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Twilight: The Complete Illustrated Movie Companion is a book by Mark Cotta Vaz that features exclusive images and information about the making of the Twilight film.

The book consists of six parts: "Forbidden Love," "The World of Twilight," "Secrets of the Vampires," "The Cullens," "Elemental Forces," and "Enough for Forever." Vaz dedicated the book to his niece, Katelin Vaz Labat.


The book presents the making of a movie from the story that millions of people, from teenagers to adults around the globe, fell in love with, the world of Twilight. There is a lot of information, almost everything you would want to know about the movie, written with such care and dedication from its author, Mark Cotta Vaz.

The book is also richly quoted, almost every page containing at least one, which gives us a lot of different perspectives over the movie, a fact for which "Twihards" should be excited.

"Forbidden Love"[]

The first few pages of the book contain information regarding the "birth" of Twilight, which Stephenie Meyer claimed was June 2, 2003, when she had a dream about an ordinary girl and a beautiful vampire "chatting" animatedly in the woods. Meyer remembers the exact date of the dream, and she says it's because the next day, her boys were to have their first swimming lesson. There is an ongoing comparison of the Twilight vampires and vampires from folklore throughout the first chapter of the book.

"The World of Twilight"[]

The second chapter of the book focuses on finding the right locations for filming, the weather, and the work and collaboration of the staff.