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Twilight series outtakes are sections of the books that Stephenie Meyer removed while editing. They are all available on Meyer's official website.


There are four outtakes from Twilight:[1]

  • Emmett and the Bear - this is an extended story about Emmett's last human minutes and his first vampire minutes in his own words.
  • Prom Remix - it's all pinky and girly with Alice helping to get Bella ready for prom.
  • Flight A.K.A Shopping with Alice - Bella and Alice are at some shops buying Bella some new clothes on their way to the hotel to hide from James.
  • Badminton - Bella's clumsiness is shown in Gym class.

New Moon[]

There are three outtakes from New Moon:[2]

  • If Jacob Didn't Break the Rules - This is in Bella's perspective of part of New Moon if Jacob didn't tell Bella he was a werewolf.
  • Narcotics - End of chapter 2 for New Moon, but different, Carlisle gives Bella drugs for her injuries and she reacts strangely.
  • The Scholarship - This is just a few bits and pieces from New Moon, just different.
  • Old Quil - This is the original first introduction to Quil's grandfather.

Three "extras" from New Moon are also available on Meyer's site:[3][4]

  • Being Jacob Black - this is just a bit more of New Moon, but in Jacob Black's perspective.
  • Miscalculation - This is Rosalie's perspective when she tells Edward that Bella is dead.
  • Rosalie's News - This is just from Edward's perspective when Rosalie tells him Bella is dead.