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The Eternal Daydreamer

Twinkle in the night sky, far far away.

A golden star I gaze upon in my dreams.

On a sleepless evening, I sing alone.

Tomorrow, I'll sing with you, on the wings of a dream.

On a sleepless evening, I sing alone.

Tomorrow, I'll sing with you, on the wings of a dream.

"I would never leave my love alone. If we fight, we fight together. If fate decrees, let's die in each other's arms. I swear never to leave your side, even after my final breath.."
― 天草红绪 Benio Amakusa, Ouran High School Host Club.

Hello, welcome to my userpage! My name is Scarlet, nice to meet you. Since you clicked onto my userpage, you most likely want to find out more about me, well you've come to the right place.

I'm not a huge fan of Twilight, but I do enjoy watching the movies, and writing a fanfiction about it. The only Twilight book that I like is The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner, which I openly admit is my favourite book, mostly because it's short, Bree is a much deeper character than Bella, and she knows real pain. Unlike Bella's self absorbed supposed pain.

As you can tell, I don't much care for Bella. That is true, lol. I don't like Bella. I'm not on Team Edward or Team Jacob, because it didn't really bother me who Bella ended up with, if I'm honest. Though, I could ship 'Team Tyler's Truck.'

I like the Cullen family most (minus Edward, Bella and Re-name-me), because they are all much more interesting than Bella and Edward, but there are so few chances in the series to see what great characters they are. I suppose the same could be said for most of the characters in the whole saga.

I watch a lot of movies. Even I've lost count of how many DVDs I have, I lost count after I filled four shelves of a bookcase with DVDs, and had to get two more bookcases. (One that's mostly filled, and one extra bookcase because I know I'm going to need it... XD ) I have a very varried taste in movies and TV programs. I like shows like Scrubs, Big Bang Theory, My Family, Murder, She Wrote, Friends, Futurama, Hannah Montana, Only Fools & Horses. The list could go on for most of my page, but I think I could leave it there for now.

My favourite movie is even harder to choose, because I watch so many. So, I'll just list my top 5 all time favourite movies;

  1. Labyrinth.
  2. The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Disney).
  3. The Addams Family (1991) & Addams Family Values.
  4. Beauty & the Beast. (Disney.)
  5. Mean Girls

I like to read quite a bit to, but not as much as I do like to watch movies. My top five series/stand alone books are;

  1. Harry Potter series
  2. Percy Jackson series
  3. A fair few books written by Jacqueline Wilson.
  4. Angel Burn series by L.A. Weatherly.
  5. Shift by Em Bailey.

I'm also into one or two animes and mangas, but not enough of them to make a top five list of them.

  1. Ouran High School Host Club. (Both manga and anime.)
  2. Fullmetal Alchemist (Manga only.)
  3. Cardcaptor Sakura (Anime only, and saw up to ep. 55.)

I did a list of books, so I might as well add my favourite authors/writers. This isn't in any particular order, I love them all equally.

  1. J.K. Rowling
  2. Jacqueline Wilson
  3. Edgar Allen Poe

My Fanfiction[]

Drifting Through Life[]

Edward's gone, and Bella's alone. Bella loses the will to live, with out realising what she's doing to Charlie. Her depressed mind won't let her realise how many sacrifices that Charlie has made for her.

In New Moon, Bella spends four months in a state of complete depression, that we never actually get to see. I wrote this, to kinda fill in the gaps. Dee has some credit with the creation of this story, because I was having a conversation with her, saying that we should have gotten at least a page of what happened in the books.

Puzzle Pieces[]

The Volturi are already planning something sinister, but they make the mistake of contacting the Cullens too early. Upon hearing the news, Rosalie takes it as the final straw when she's asked to once again defend Bella. She leaves with Emmett, to do some soul searching alone. While she's gone, she has no idea of the problems that befell the Cullens, Alice was trapped in a vision coma of a future that may or may not happen.

After much thought, Rosalie decides that she too wants her perfect eternal life. She hopes to adopt a human baby. Not all of the Cullens are completely happy with this, but they stand together to support Rosalie in this decision. When Bella steps up, to prevent the Volturi from finding out about Rosalie's little bundle of joy, is it too little too late?

Pairings: RosaliexEmmett, JasperxAlice, CarlislexEsme, BellaxEdward.

Eternal Equinox[]

Cody Pepper moves to Forks with her family. But, on her way to Forks, a certain relentless tracker, James, catches her scent. His obsession for the hunt costs her not only her family, but also her human life. Cody struggles through adapting to vampire life. Making a decision to leave Forks behind, leading her to the streets of Seattle. Concluding with an epic fight, above Seattle against Riley.

An original character heavy story, that I wrote when I first joined the wiki. I wrote it during a very dark part of my life. I would very much like to delete it from my userpage, and just forget about it, but some people do quite enjoy reading the story, so hey, why not keep it here?

Character information here.

Writing Tips Guide[]

Need help with where to begin with writing your fanfics or original stories? Or maybe you just need to polish up on your writing skills? Well, look no further, here's the link to my tips blogs; -work in progress.-

Writing Tip 1 - To Drabble or Not To Drabble, That Is The Question.

Favourite Fanfics[]

Breaking Dawn: Arm Wrestling Remixed & Remastered by MusicTwilightLove

MusicTwilightLove aka TeamTaycobSoDealWithIt, is a comedy genius, when it comes to fanfics. I love all of the fanfics that I've read of hers, but this one is my absolute favourite.

It's a 'what if' fanfic, if Emmett had beaten Bella in the arm wrestling scene. It is all around epic awesome, with jokes and innuendos. "That's what Bella said" XD totally awesome.

Release by LavendaBrunette

This is a wonderful story, from Tanya's perspective, as she attends Bella and Edward's wedding. I found this one totally randomly once, while I was looking for some fanfics about the Denalis. When I saw it, I was expecting a lot of Bedward mushy stuff, but I was very pleasantly surprised. This story should have way more reviews than it does.

It is a story, where Tanya accepts that Edward loves Bella, and that she can move on from her crush on him. It is very beautifully written.

Heart of Jasper by BeautifulMessenger

This very beautifully written story is about Jasper and Alice, from Jasper's perspective, as he attempts to surprise Alice. At the same time, it is an enchanting tour of Paris, and has twists and turns as he tries to prevent her from seeing what surprise he has for her.

This one was an instant favourite of mine, because it has my favourite pairing (Jalice ♥), and has so much description, that I feel like I'm actually there.

Totally Epic Awesome Teams I'm On[]

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Cullens Galleries[]

Quiz Me! (Quick 5 Question Quiz)[]

Who is your favourite Twilight character & why?

Well, if I had to chose based on appearance; Carlisle because I think he is so good looking, from the very first moment I saw him in Twilight, I thought he was the best looking guy in the whole series. Still do.

Based on characters that I relate to, and generally like, Alice. I love everything she wears in all the Twilight movies. She is fun, and cheerful. I've always liked her as a character.

Who is your least favourite Twilight character & why?

*cough*Bella*cough* LOL, seriously, I don't like Bella. I really really don't. I sort of liked her, before I read the books. They totally ruined her as a character for me. It's a case of "Yes, ok, Bella, we get it. Edward is this gorgeous looking god in your eyes, NO NEED TO RAM IT DOWN OUR THROATS!" Four books trapped in her head, really made me dislike her as a character.

I also don't like Re-name-me. I don't like her, because she is just this unbelievably spoilt character, that everyone in the whole book just loves for no reason. She doesn't even have any other purpose, other than to forever bind Jacob to the Cullens.

What is the last book you read, and what did you think of it?

Shift by Em Bailey. It was a really good book. I took a chance with it, when I found it in Waterstones, because I thought it looked good, even though it had a shapeshifter in it. I was completely surprised by it. It's not a massively supernatural story. I could totally relate to the main character Olive. What I liked about it was, that Olive was perfectly capable of standing up for herself, but the twists of the story, just delude her into doubting herself.

What was the last movie you watched, and what did you think of it?

Notting Hill. Eh, it wasn't great, but it wasn't bad either. Typical romance film, with predictable ending.

Quick, click 'random page'! What did you get and your opinions on that page?

Bella Swan. Don't even get me started on my opinions on this character. Just don't go there.


I create all my own signatures. Each time I change them, I'll add the one I used before here. Plus, I always make sure they look awesome, and it would be a shame for them to be never seen again.

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