Hey y'all, w'sup, I'm Twilight_fan_27 from Cypress, TX, I'm 13 years old, and I loooove Twilight!

My favorite Twilight characters are Edward, Bella, and Alice. I hate James, and Charlie needs to loosen up a bit. I really do love my mom, but I adore Esme...if my mom was Esme I would die!!!!!

I have read all 4 books 3 times, absolutely, loved the Twilight movie, and CAN NOT WAIT for the New Moon movie to come out in November!!!!!!!

I love reading, writing, cooking, drawing, eating, designing, and sleeping.

My idea of a perfect date (right now, at age 13) is a double date with friends at the movies.

My favorite food is an extreme-meat pizza, my fave dessert is chocolate ice-cream, and my favorite drink is a mixture of pineapple juice, raspberry lemonade, and sprite.

One thing people find interesting about me is that I only eat the shells of baseball peanuts, I hate the actual peanuts, and yes, I do swallow the shells.

I'm not very interested in sports but I guess if I had to choose, my favorite college football team is the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, and my favorite pro football team is the Pittsburgh Steelers. I am a little bit of an Astros baseball fan, but not a huge fan.

Peace out, y'all!

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