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With The Twilight Saga coming to an end the cast has started planning their lives after Twilight! Robert Pattinson has booked his first major role after Breaking Dawn 1 and 2. According to Deadline, Pattinson will be starring in director David Cronenberg's latest film, "Cosmopolis," based on the Don DeLillo novel of the same name.

OMG I LOVE LOVE LOVE David Cronenberg! He is a HUGE departure from Twilight and Pattinson's other upcoming flick, Water for Elephants!

Apparently, Robert will play Eric Packer, a financial wunderkind who risks his entire fortune to bet against the yen on one tumultuous day. His decision puts him in threat of assassination, and much of the film is set in the limousine that transports Eric from one location to the next. The drama is a study of capitalism and is set in a somewhat futuristic metropolis.

The film is also set to star Marion Cotillard and Paul Giamatti, both heavy hitters in the acting world. Looks like Pattinson is really trying to become a "real actor" as apposed to just a heartthrob! I just hope for Pattinson that Cosmopolis is more Eastern Promises than eXistenZ! He doesn't want to get mixed up in one of Cronenberg's bombs...not that it killed Jude Law's career lol!

Source: MTV