hey, im bella. Alot people think im bella from twilight HA! i wish but im not.... or i could be, lets get to the point im like bella im shy like super shy i guess bella is 17 but im only 15 so close (i guess) ok.. my school is ok but there is a really funny feeling about it and yes i know all this vampire stuff is not real but it could be. There is this boy in school called patrick now you see he looks human but he acts funny and he looks like he want  to like kill me or eat me. creppy right? in maths i sit next to him and everyday he just looks at me then he... leaves! But yesterday was somethng different he said hey to me( maybe he doesnt want to kill me!) but before any of that happend he..saved me from a truck LIKE i could of DIED!!! but he saved he was no where near me?!?!? he was right next to his car! my friends tell me to stay back should i??         more about me well i dont really talk about myself but here i am. i love purple my parents are well..split up but its ok cos on the weekend i go see my dad and well it changed for a while. Dads in miami and Mums in london where i am now!! and my cousin Jacob is here so ya!! but when patrick came along, him and jac looked like they were enimes... never mind.          thats me!


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