MURDERS, DISAPPEARANCES, POSSIBLE WORK OF A SERIAL KILLER, was an article published in The Washington Inquisitor on June 4, 2010. It reported on the murders and disappearances plaguing the city of Seattle, Washington.


At 11:15 on Wednesday evening, Seattle Police were called to Georgetown, along Airport Way South, by a group of clubbers walking home. Passing by the rear of the old Rainier Stock house, one of the party saw a leg protruding from behind a dumpster. When Metropolice arrived, they found the body of a young woman who had died from blunt-force trauma to the head in what was described as a savage and frenzied attack.

The police department cordoned off the alley and a forensics team scoured the area for any possible clues as to the identity of her assailant. Early the next morning, Metropolice Police spokeswoman Lauren Geaghan issues a press-release regarding the identity of the hapless victim: the deceased was named as being a certain Jaclyn Kenney, a waitress at a nearby hotel on 6th Avenue South.

Geaghan said that Kenny had left her place of employment at around 9:45pm and started walking in the direction of the Seattle Freeway.

There were tell-tale signs of a struggle, although there was little incriminating DNA evidence at the scene.

Kenny's demise marks the eighteenth unsolved homicide in the King County jurisdiction since the beginning of the year.

Geaghan admitted that it was likely that a serial killer - or killers - were behind the recent spate of slayings. The blunt force trauma injury causing death has been a predominant factor connecting the majority of the crimes in the Seattle area.

The Metropolice Department issued a definative list of all the victims so far. It is as follows:

  1. Allison Garfield, 22 years.
  2. Nicole Stojkovitch, 18 years.
  3. Jennifer Nelson, 23 years.
  4. Genevieve Bridges, 21 years.
  5. Jill McQueen, 17 years.
  6. Jessica Hoyles, 24 years.
  7. Weatie Rosenlehner, 16 years.
  8. Barbara Kelly, 18 years.
  9. Christina Zatylyny, 15 years.
  10. Julia Tanner, 16 years.
  11. Barbara Branch, 22 years.
  12. Ola Mota, 17 years.
  13. Nancy Vibert, 18 years.
  14. Sharon Lindala, 15 years.
  15. Alison Low, 18 years.
  16. Janet Clark, 17 years.
  17. Shannon Gottlieb, 24 years.
  18. Shiela Millar, 19 years.

Behind the scenes

  • The article that appears on the prop used in Eclipse lists the 16 year old victim of Julia Tanner[1], it is possible this was an error and was supposed to be Bree Tanner.



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