Okay, for those of you who don't know, I use the program AutoWikiBrowser (abbreviated "AWB") a lot to make many, many edits very fast on the wiki.

The thing is, the program is semi-automated. Meaning usually the program opens up the wiki pages in the edit window for me but I still have to make the edits.

Take this edit for example. I had the program open up pages in the category "New Moon Film cast" and I had the program automatically correct it to "New Moon film cast". Something the program also did automatically was remove the underscores from the file names and correct a citation.

However, if you'll see this edit, I had the program open up all pages in the category "Eclipse film" and remove them from that category. After it did that, I manually removed the categories "Twilight film", "Eclipse film" and "Females" and then saved it one edit.

I review all edits before saving them. So basically, I make all of the edits with the assistance of AWB and sometimes AWB will make edits and I will save them.

So don't be mad if you see me moving up the leaderboard because of my AWB edits, because after all, I did practically make the edit. The chances that AWB made an edit without my assistance is very rare.

So there, I just wanted to let you guys know!