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    Saw BD2

    November 18, 2012 by Fusedtwilight

    Beware of Spoilers!!!!!

    So saw BD2 and loved it!

    From start to finish BD2 exceeded my expectations and i was both imressed and pleased with how they did it. I thought all the new vampires wee perfectly cast and was a little sad we couldn't get more time with them all, but who knows maybe there will be a extended DVD edition and we can see more of our fav vampire covens (fingers crossed)

    The special affects were amazing, seeing the vampire powers being used was impressive, I espeally lovedhow they did Bella's shiel and Alec's mist. I know in the books his power is described as an almot invisible mist but i think the pitch black smoke adds a more sinister tone to it.

    We got to see some of the new wolves who phased because of the influx of vampir…

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    EPIC FIGHT!!!!!!

    September 7, 2012 by Fusedtwilight

    So if you have seen the new trailor for BD2 on this years VMA or on the internet you see there is indeed going to be a fight at the end.

    We see just a small glimpse of the almost fight that could have happened and i think we are all looking forward to seeing the two sides clash.

    So what do you guys think? Are you happy? Sad? Angry about them changing it from the book?

    Who do you think will be seen fighting who? We see Edward and Bella tag teaming a guard, but what about the others? Will we see Kate and Jane fight? Will the titans that are Emmett and Felix clash? Who do you want to see fight?

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    The French Coven

    July 29, 2012 by Fusedtwilight

    Okay so a while ago we learned a new coven was going to be in BD part 2 called the French coven which is not in the books. A lot of us were like WTF? Why are they adding new vampires thatw eren't even in the book. All we knew was that is was a man called Henri and a woman called Yevette.

    The actor playing Henri said Henri has a special talent thus far described him flicking his fingers and sedning someone flying through the air (Possibly telekinisis of some kind) they did not reveal the reson for the coven or whose side they would be on.

    But recently Amadou Ly who plays Henri revealed that Yvette has a power as well but it is not stated what it is.

    So, i came up with some ideas and wanted to see what you guys think.

    Alright, in the trailor you…

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    Some of you may have heard Kellan Lutz had been reportedly taken an interest in being in the next Hunger Games movie Catching Fire. Being a fan of the book series and having read all three i was wondering what role you think he should be.

    I think he should be Finnick Odair. In the books Finnick is described as tall, athletic, handsome, tan skin, bronze colored hair and having sea green eyes. I think if they dyed his hair, get him a good tan and maybe give him some contacts he would be perfect for the role. I mean, did you see him in the immortals as posiden?

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    A book about Leah

    February 28, 2012 by Fusedtwilight

    Okay, so as we all know, SM once said if she did any more twilight books, the next ones would be from either Nessie's or Leah's POV.

    So, if she did do one from Leah's point of view, what would you like to see or not see happen in said possible book?

    Being a Leah fan i would like to see how she handles being Jake's beta and would love to see her being a leader when Jake is away or something, just to show she is capable of being more then the sad cast off. Pluse we could find out if she is capable of having kids. If she stops pahsing her body will age again so maybe she is not as infertile as she thinks.

    I would also like to see more of her relationship with emily, we have all heard of that story but we have never seen any interaction between t…

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