aka Nathalia Lousieanne Raynolds

  • I live in Forks,Washington DC USA
  • I was born on April 9
  • My occupation is Highschool Student
  • I am Female
  • Nattielouiseray

    Everything happens on the five movies. And then everything blurs. Alice snaps back to reality and walks over to Jasper, saying "I think I know where we will go". Then they head of to the Cullens. And the cafeteria scene in Twilight shows, signaling the reality of her vision.

    Well that would have messed up the story

    But its cool

    and unexpected

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  • Nattielouiseray

    I was at the mall back then. I was Only 12 when twilight came out and i was instantly a fan. One day i spotted the twilight movie guide at the local bookstore. i squeeled in delight. i was so excited that i didnt notice that the door was closed. i ran straight to the door.

    i went home with a book--- and a huge bruise on my head


    never be to excited.... unless you wanna be like me

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  • Nattielouiseray


    May 23, 2013 by Nattielouiseray

    I Hate Hiking!!!! well thank god aunt letty didn't convince me to go. they will be back at like 5:00 pm. and im all alone

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  • Nattielouiseray

    Okay its my first day and im already sooo tired. Last night, after we arrived we went for a midnight swim a few hours later we went hiking. And then were going to a waterfall. Im gonna be so tired

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  • Nattielouiseray

    My Problem

    May 22, 2013 by Nattielouiseray

    Okay where was i---- oh yeah

    You see, i have a friend. Her name is Chelsea. She is like a twihard---uber twihard---more than uber i guess.

    One time, i brought my apple (twilight) keychain in school. Chelsea happen to love it so much. During Schooltime i can't concentrate because she keeps staring at me, watching my moves and everything. Breaktime came and I went to the Cafeteria to get lunch. When I came back my keychain was gone. Iwas so shocked because it was a gift-a limited edition gift that only happens in one lifetime-i started searching for it, but i can't find it. French class started and i still havent found it. Only then did i notice the sparkling red apple keychain on Chelsea's bag. I excused myself and Chelsea. Once we were out i…

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