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  • Pucktana88

    Is it just me or have the rest of your talk page comments disappeared? Some of us have unread messages which they cant get to!

    --Aston, Oritse, Marvin and JB I love JLS 10:43, December 8, 2011 (UTC)

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  • Pucktana88

    Vas happenin?! Thank you Zayn Malik for teahing me that lol.

    Anyway guys the If My Life Was Twilight story on my profile is changing! @TeamTaycob there is still Kake don't worry.

    Just checking if any of you guys want a part or like want me to add a character of you into the story.

    Basically I'm changing Tom's character so that he isn't a d*ck coz in real life he isn't and I'm adding more characters.

    So yeah comment and byes

    Remember shreddies are the ansaaa thank you Aston Merrygold for teahing me that :P

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  • Pucktana88

    OMG in P.E today we wre outside and we were playing football or for americans "soccer" and I was freezing so I complained to my friend Emma, when her hands were warm and she said "yeah you are freezing!" so then I said "I am a freakin vampire" Emma said "Edward." I replied "Bella," so we are now Edward and Bella. Our friend Marianne, AKA cupcake cult (long story) asked to be Rosalie then there was debate over Alice but Amy got Alice because Shannon was clearly lying about watching twilight (I'm soory but she didn't even know who Jasper was!) I volunteered Giuliana for Esme as she kind and loving and Shannon (the liar) got Ren-es-me-e *shivers as says the most awful name ever!! Edward C xx

    This comment is also on the Edward Cullen page!


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  • Pucktana88

    Jane: Chapter Two

    August 4, 2011 by Pucktana88

    Heyyy so here is chapter two of my fanfic dedicated to Jane. In this story Renesme does not exist. There’s a couple of new characters. So enjoy and tell me what you think. --'I don't hate you, I don't particually like you but,,This may hurt alotTeam Rane Friendship Forver 13:26, August 4, 2011 (UTC)

    Jane’s P.O.V

    “Okay Jane, Aro said England so how on earth are we in America?” Lucia asked me.

    “Well I told you about that little brat Bella Sw- Cullen now I’m checking to see if she is still human.” I replied.

    “And if she is not?”

    “I’ll kill her myself,”

    “Sounds… fair,”

    “Exactly.” We stopped then.

    “Ugh! What is that awful smell?” Lucia complained holding her nose.

    “Werewolves, I knew I should have brought Demetri with us now we’re lost.”

    We stood on a slan…

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  • Pucktana88

    Okay so Jackson Rathborne has been in the Twilight saga (AMAZING MOVIES) and the Last Airbender (good movie). However in both movies he has been given two girlfriends, which by the way don't have unfortunate looks! So what team are you on Team Yue from The Last Airbender or Team Alice from The Twilight Saga. Personally I'm on Team Alice because the two actors have real chemistry and they're meant to be (nothing says love like spending an eternity together wanting blood from the next human that walks by right?). Sorry Yue but Alicee and Jasper are just kinda written in the stars!

    What Team are you on?

    --I don't hate you, I don't particually like you but,,This may hurt alotTeam Rane Friendship Forver 22:35, July 30, 2011 (UTC)

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