After reading the Twilight Saga a couple of imes, I realised one flaw...

If you remember in Eclipse, when Bella attended the bonfire when the Elders were telling the Quileute legends, there was the story about the Third Wife, the legends go something along the lines of that the older Elder of the tribe at the time realised that the strange woman was a vampire because one of his sons complained that the smell hurt his nose. Now if we turn to Jacob, he never complains of Bella smelling of bleach (which is what we get told the vampires smell like to warewolves in Breaking Dawn) even though Bella spends a lot of time with Edward.

He does notice it AFTER he becomes a warewolf, mainly in Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, but the young boy in the legend was not yet a warewolf because he was too young and there had been no threat, so shouldn't Jacob complain of Bella smelling odd? Or am I missing something?