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    Bureaucrat-less wiki.

    June 4, 2019 by Tazenda

    This wiki has only two not-quite-active admins, User:Charmed-Jay and User:LuckyTimothy, and no active bureaucrat, resulting in the wiki being open to a spambot attack over the last few weeks. The wiki is successful, the most visited pages have 4000/5000 weekly hits, and I think that, there should be a fully equipped admin or admin/bureaucrat around, with an eye to spam and vandalism rather than on improving existing copy or creating new content.

    I therefore propose that User:Charmed-Jay be promoted to bureaucrat and myself to admin and, possibly, also to bureaucrat.

    Those readers/users/editors out there and interested might want to make their views known by commenting on this blog.

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  • Tazenda

    As some readers may have realized, this wiki has had no active bureaucrats for a long while: last b-crat active was User:Operation Twilight in November 2016. Two admins are still around: User:Charmed-Jay somewhat regularly and User:LuckyTimothy occasionally.

    Given the recent spate of spammy comments from a number if IPs, and the apparent low motivation by Charmed-Jay and LuckyTimothy to deal with it I would like to ask for bureaucrat and admin rights.

    Short-term intention is to stop this glut of spammy comments, while longer-term is to bring in some more active oversight on this wiki's affairs.

    Should there be anybody out there caring to give their opinion about it, I'd appreciate them to add a comment to this blog. Tazenda 16:54, May 28, 2019…

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