aka Helen

  • I live in Norway
  • I was born on October 8
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Female
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    December 26, 2015 by TeamSeth

    it's me

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  • TeamSeth

    Aaaand trips while walking up the stairs to recieve the award. Seriously, that girl is so awesome. She reminds me so much of Kristen, which I find so awesome. I'm just so tired of seeing all these perfect actresses all the time, but then Jennifer and Kristen shows up and makes me believe that there's still hope for humanity. They are like the complete opposite of conceited and they both got their feet on the ground. They're basically just perfect. Anyways; BD part 2 was awarded with like, what? 7 out of 10 Razzie awards? Some people just don't know how to reckognize a good movie when they see it. But then again, it's probably hard to be that much into the last movie if you're not a fan. I guess we all can agree to that. Oh, and by the way;…

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  • TeamSeth

    Long time, no see

    February 22, 2013 by TeamSeth

    I am ashamed of myself wOW. After my last entry, summer started, I went to Turkey for a couple of weeks and after that I went on a roadtrip halfway across the whole country and before I even knew it, school started and suddenly I was a freshman in Senior High ((don't worry, I've seen Breaking Dawn part 2. And I screamed. LOUD)). I guess I'll never really be able to make it up for all these months that I've been away but I'll definitely try my best. School is just taking up so much of my time, it shouldn't really be legal. Anyways, I'm pretty sure many of you don't even remember me and, frankly, I'm not even sure if you still want to interact with me but just know that I'm still the old me and that I'll most definitely try my best to be mor…

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  • TeamSeth

    WOAH, I haven't been on in forever! I'm so sorry!! I have so many final exams right now, so I barely have enough time. I see new pictures of my girl Kristen everyday tho, looking stunning as always. I miss her and Taylor together, so I'm looking forward for the promoting for BD part 2 to start!!

    But oh my god you guys. These last couple of days have been unbelievable. Here's the thing; Justin Bieber was said to come to Norway in May, right? Yeah, he totally did. He arrived Tuesday and me and my best friend went to the airport after school to greet him. Too bad he was driven directly to the hotel through a V.I.P section, tho. Anyways, I got to see his lights/sound man (James Stassen A.K.A Scrappy), DJ Tay James, his dance crew, his bodyguard Ke…

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  • TeamSeth


    April 26, 2012 by TeamSeth




    Words cannot describe how happy I am! I've cried so much, out of happiness of course, and I can't even believe it's real! Am I alive? Like, really? I need someone to slap me, like, really hard because I think I might be dreaming. This day sucked at first, but after I got the message, I've done nothing but to smile. I CAN DIE HAPPY NOW.

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