I am ashamed of myself wOW. After my last entry, summer started, I went to Turkey for a couple of weeks and after that I went on a roadtrip halfway across the whole country and before I even knew it, school started and suddenly I was a freshman in Senior High ((don't worry, I've seen Breaking Dawn part 2. And I screamed. LOUD)). I guess I'll never really be able to make it up for all these months that I've been away but I'll definitely try my best. School is just taking up so much of my time, it shouldn't really be legal. Anyways, I'm pretty sure many of you don't even remember me and, frankly, I'm not even sure if you still want to interact with me but just know that I'm still the old me and that I'll most definitely try my best to be more active. Sounds good, yeah? Ugh, I've actually missed this page. Wow. Guess I can't really blame anyone but myself. Yeah so, I'll set off some time for me to re-do my entire profile and make it look more "professional". Lol.

Putting in these lovely pictures of Kristen because she's so flawless.

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