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    I know I'm not much of one to whore things out like this, but this is for a good thing. My friend Jazmyn (@kinglautner on Twitter) is a MASSIVE Twihard. It's crazy. And she's entering a contest so she can meet the cast at the a premiere. The thing is, though, she needs likes on her YouTube video submission. It's a funny video. I love it. I made a YouTube account just to like it. So, I'm highly suggesting that you would help out Jazmyn and make her dreams come true. She's a hilarious, insanely sweet girl. Watch the video HERE, and like it!

    Thank you so much, TeamTaycob 23:09, November 6, 2012 (UTC)

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  • TeamTaycobSoDealWithIt

    It's not like many of you care, but I'm sick of the constant bitching from users and anons about imprinting, vampire biology, Bella's traits, etc. It seems like people have nothing better to do than take the actual time to talk loads of crap on a Wiki about the things that they don't like. I don't get it. I can't even with these people. It's so pathetic. We're this close to the last movie - this close for the thing you seem to hate the most to end - and all that's on this Wiki is bitching. The Recent Activity boards are full of this crap, and quite frankly, it's killing my mood. Call me selfish, but it is. This crap shouldn't even be going on here. Create a Twilight hate Wiki, start a blog, I don't care. This is all just stupid and immature. …

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  • TeamTaycobSoDealWithIt

    I know Halloween is pretty much over for the year, but happy Halloween!

    I feel good today. I dressed up as the girl from the Sun Drop commercial, the people at school were a freaking RIOT when they saw my costume, I watched Abduction with my friend, took my younger brother trick-or-treating, didn't get much candy myself, FINALLY concluding a fanfic I've been working on for over a year, and had a blast overall.

    But I'm glad it's over.

    As I flip my BD-1 calendar to November, VOILA! Bella is on the month of November, sadly, but this month is going to rock. BD-2 promo everywhere, man. (Btw, Taylor Lautner is going to be on the Jay Leno show tonight!!) I'm so damn excited. Let's do this shit.


    Happy Halloween and start of November!

    TeamTaycob 02:59, N…

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  • TeamTaycobSoDealWithIt

    It's called "Welcome Home, Newlyweds" or something, and it's not embeddable, so watch it HERE !

    Now, Summit and/or Lionsgate, PLEASE STOP SHOWING ME STUFF, lol. I feel like I've already seen the movie twice.

    I think I know what happens right after this part. ;D

    What'd y'all think? TeamTaycob 03:59, October 31, 2012 (UTC)

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  • TeamTaycobSoDealWithIt


    So, the other day, my dad went up to me and asked, "Would you really like to go to the Twilight marathon?"

    I was like, "Uh, yes," and my dad is actually letting me go. He says it's so he doesn't have to get me anything for my birthday. I'm cool with that. I'm getting tickets this Friday, and I am so damn excited.

    I called up my friend and she was super pumped. Still is. The thing is, though, she's on Team Edward, so this is a test of our friendship, looool.

    I'm uber excited to have a blast, win some trivia contests (I'm a fucking pro at that, lol), and melt my brain with like thirteen hours of Twilight. Also, it's going to be the best birthday present ever. A day of Twilight and my birthday the next day, man. Ahhhh.

    Are any of you going to…

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