Well..I haven't created a blog for a loooooong time (Okay I'm not the blog person LOL), but what's your favourite Twilight style?Do you dress like Alice,(diva-vampire style), Bella (human-teenager style) or like Jacob (you kick fashion in wolf style?) ? Maybe like Charlie (simply-every-day look) or..whatever... As for me, I'm all Jellalice! I LOVE wearing cut-off jeans with athletic shoes and tight tops (Jacob baby!).Also I like wearing scarfs,sunglasses and (sometimes) more "girly" things (gloves) just like Alice!Of couse Bella's style is included in my wardrobe!(The girl has style!) Jeans, jackets, (on the cold days of winter [as mentioned before]).And what about your hair-style?I am Alice here!(short-pixie-like-hair) Sooooo what's your Twilight style?