First I met a guy his name was Luke (online dating) and I get my phone taken away for months I go back on to the online game (magic tiles 3) i do a room that says:Luke! I'm back! never goes onto the room just bots. Next day I do another room that says Luke I'm here! and he never joined so at this point I'm losing hope,So I go off the game.Next day... I do another room (sorry if this is boring) the same name (Luke I'm here!) he never goes now I'm afraid that I'll never talk to him again. Next story. So I meet this girl online (Love Nikki Dress Up Queen) she has a fiance and she gets pregnant then she gets suicidal because of me!Because we got in a fight she hates my guts now even tho we were best friends (like sisters) so I try to make it up to her and she goes full blown hectic on me like why would you say that (I was just trying to explain that her fiance hated the association of love Nikki because we weren't taking care of her when he was gone and she cut herself really bad and ended up in a hospital and ended up meeting BTS! so we are not speaking right now (sadness) anyways this is my first blog an time being here

Lots of love,


P.P.S and my jellybeans don't forget to comment what you think of my first blog! :)

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