aka Scarlett of the Volturi

  • I live in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry/ Volterra
  • My occupation is a Ravenclaw witch at Hogwarts and High ranking Volturi member!
  • I am Female
  • Bio Welcome to my Bio!

    I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.

    Is it too dark?

    💡LUMOS💡... It's Locked...



    🧛🏻‍Twihard, Tribute and Potterhead. 😎



    🐈I love cats🐈

    🍕And pizza🍕

    📱And my phone📱😂Lol😂

    I am only active on the Twilight saga wiki and the Harry Potter wiki. Most people like either Harry Potter or Twilight, but I'm that one weirdo who loves both.

    In talk pages, I sign off as Jane and Alec of Volterra (talk)

    You may find me in Harry Potter Wiki, Hunger Games Wiki and Twilight wiki.

    I am a witch in Ravenclaw house and part of the Volturi with my two siblings, Jane and Alec. We are triplets
    (well I wish)

    I have 5 zebra finches who only the people I RP with can know the names of >:)


    My sister, Bunny Hufflepuff. . . #notreally

    LunaLovegoodlover9- A sweet and caring user of this fandom who I met in a roleplay and like to live chat with her

    Jimbob Daddario directioner Herondale-Blackthorn- an amazing user of fandom who helped me out during tough times with her adorable cat pictures

    Sir memes a lot more than needed- a nice friend to have, kind, funny, a good person to talk to!

    Sam Hermione- She became a Discussion Moderator. Congrats!

    Izzy960- she is a funny person to RP with and is very thoughtful and kind to others.

    Pockets of Sunshine- this user is a great person to roleplay with because she is a nice and caring person. Also- THE IDIOT SQUAD! This may seem rude but we both love the Idiot Squad!

    Queenie Valdez Blackthorn and A Random Hooman Bean who are sisters, and their usernames totally go well with each other! These two people I also met on RP. They are fun to roleplay with because of their fun OC's. Queenie is part of the NERD SQUAD!!!!!

    Joy Potter Cullen Diggory Jackson- she is a nice person who I met on the Twilight fandom when she joined my Roleplay.

    Evaleecullen- Another person who I met on the Twilight fandom. She is very kind and is fin to RP with.


    My Hogwarts House: Slytherclaw💙 🐦💚

    Favorite characters: Cedric Diggory, (HE IS MY LOVE), Fred and George :)

    Favorite Subject : Flying, Defense against the Dark Arts, Potions!

    Quidditch Position: Seeker; Broom: Firebolt

    Favorite Professor: Remus John Lupin


    Coven: The Volturi 𝒱

    Fav characters:
    1. ALEC
    2. JANE
    3. ARO
    4. RENATA

    Fav leader: Aro or Caius (Marcus is boring.)

    My gift: Sensory deprivation (Just like Alec?! Wow!)

    My soulmate: DEMETRI?!

    Some nicknames because why not

    Volturi (Members of my DeAd Twilight/Harry Potter RP)
    Volturi Cat (Random users)
    Kitty (Members of Corona Crossover, the iconic months-long RP)
    Scar (Users who know my real name)

    Scar (most common)
    Carlie (Only close friends)
    Lettie/Lottie/Scarley (the people who want to suffer and DIE)
    Death Queen (because I am dark, evil and not a queen)
    J##e Jr/G###a Sr (my two sibilings, also for those who want to die)


    *I found the twilight ones off the internet*

    Aro (are) you okay?

    Sirius ly?

    Why so Sirius?

    You're Ron!

    I'ma bite my Parseltongue

    Hey Voldemort why so nose-y?

    That doesn't ring a Bell-a (Swan)

    Alice (at least) you have (insert name here)

    A weird story I made up

    Regulus: Why so serious?

    Sirius: I will ALWAYS be Sirius. You're so regular.


    1. Idiot Squad
    other members: Pockets of Sunshine

    2. Nerd Squad
    other members: XXQueenieBooksxX, Jennypoer

    3. Volturi Squad
    other members: Oh wait.....I'm the only weirdo hooman bean who even likes the Volturi.

    You can leave now.

    Oh, you won't go? TOO BAD! The Volturi don't give second chances, keep that in mind!


    Bye felicia!

    AvAdA kEdAvRa- *does the Aro laugh*

    oops better hide this!


    Mischief Managed.

    *proceeds to drink blood*

    Thought there was more, did ya? Got u! 😎
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  • VolturiCat07

    Seriously, I am probably one of the biggest potterheads, and my fav character was is and will forever be Cedric......BUT THEN VOLDEMORT AND PETER PETTIGREW HAPPENED. 

    Twilight (the movies) help me feel better about it...... Thanks to Robert Pattinson who is my fav actor......

    But i still love Twilight- i call myself a Potter-Twihard

    Pls don't hate on this comment, it's what i think

    Read more >
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