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Valentina was a character created exclusively for Breaking Dawn - Part 1. Her scene was the initial opening of the movie, but it was eventually deleted and therefore her character never appeared in the movie. She was a secretary working for the Volturi. Unfortunately, the coven found her skills less useful than her blood.

She is portrayed by Olga Fonda.


Breaking Dawn

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"Though you do have a point. The human did interrupt."
―Aro to Caius[src]

Valentina was a secretary who worked for the Volturi, replacing Gianna, who died sometime after New Moon. Like Gianna, she hoped that the Volturi would turn her into a vampire.

She delivered a wedding announcement of Bella Swan and Edward Cullen to the Volturi's leaders. Caius complained that she had interrupted their "mealtime", and Aro defended her saying that she was new. After reading the announcement, Aro remarked that Valentina had indeed interrupted their mealtime, and gestured to Demetri to kill her. Bianca took Valentina's place after the latter's death.

Physical appearance

Valentina had tanned skin combined with brown hair tied in a bun and brown eyes. In her sole appearance, she wore a red dress, black stockings and black heels.

Film portrayal

Olga Fonda

Valentina was portrayed by Russian actress Olga Fonda. Her role was originally to be debuted at the beginning of Breaking Dawn - Part 1, but the scene was altered and her role was consequently cut away.

She also guest starred on The Vampire Diaries as Nadia Petrova, the daughter of antagonist, Katherine Pierce.


In the deleted scene, she was being fed on by Demetri. However, in the initial movie trailer, she was being thrown into a statue by Demetri. In another trailer, she was lying on the floor and Demetri grabbed her neck and then fed on her.