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"None of them had ever seen the boy before, or dreamed of his existence, until the day they watched him burn in their mother's arms. I can only guess that their mother had kept him secret to protect them from this exact outcome. But why had she created him in the first place? Who was he, and what had he meant to her that would cause to cross this most uncrossable of lines?"
―Carlisle, on Vasilii and Sasha's history.[src]

Vasilii was an immortal child created by Sasha, and the reason why both of them were killed by the Volturi. The Volturi then killed Sasha for creating the child, but spared Tanya, Kate and Irina as they had no idea about the child.

He is portrayed by Billy Wagenseller in the second movie adaptation of Breaking Dawn.


"So the Denalis' mother made an immortal child?"
"Yes. And she paid the price."
―Bella and Carlisle[src]

Vasilii was born during the plague of the immortal children, long before the time of Carlisle Cullen. He was considered to be part of the Denali coven, even though Sasha, his creator, kept his existence a secret. Sasha had three daughters (Tanya, Kate, and Irina) who never knew of Vasilii and were innocent in the eyes of the Volturi. Vasilii was physically 3 years old when Sasha transformed him.

Vasilii watches his "mother" die.

When the Volturi discovered his existence - after he slaughtered an entire village - they executed both him and Sasha, due to the danger he provided to the vampire community, with Tanya, Irina, and Kate as witnesses. As a result, the three sisters obeyed the laws without flaw for fear of punishment.

In the movie, he was being carried by Jane and calmly watched Sasha's destruction (likely due to his inability to understand what was going on) before being thrown into the fire by Jane.

Physical appearance[]

"He was beautiful, adorable, just as Carlisle had described. The boy was a toddler still, maybe two years of age. Light brown curls framed his cherubic face with its round cheeks and full lips."
―Bella's description of Vasilii in her dream.[src]

In Breaking Dawn - Part -2, Vasilii displayed round cheeks, blond hair and vampiric red eyes. As described by Carlisle, immortal children were so beautiful that even mature vampires would love them as soon as they saw them.

Film portrayal[]

Billy Wagenseller

Vasilii was played by child actor Billy Wagenseller in Breaking Dawn - Part 2.


His name was only revealed on the Vampire Index at the end of the Breaking Dawn novel, but otherwise remained a mystery in the story.

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