"My very closest friend was a girl named Vera. She married young, just seventeen. She married a man my parents would never have considered for me — a carpenter. A year later she had a son, a beautiful little boy with dimples and curly black hair. It was the first time I'd ever felt truly jealous of anyone else in my entire life."
Rosalie Hale on Vera[src]

Vera was Rosalie Hale's best friend when Rosalie was a human in 1933. She was married with a son, named Henry.

She is portrayed by Sabrina Frank in the movie adaptation of Eclipse.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Vera had been best friends with Rosalie Hale since they were young. When Vera was 17 years old, she married a carpenter and one year later had a son with him. Rosalie was jealous of Vera because, even though Rosalie was beautiful and adored by many, what she wanted most of all was to get married to someone who really loved her and to start a family with him. Vera fulfilled Rosalie's dream, and Rosalie became jealous after visiting and seeing her happy with her son and her husband. Rosalie hoped to plan out a perfect family life by marrying Royce King. When she thought she wouldn't be jealous of Vera again, she paid her another visit, just one week before her wedding. However, noticing the intensity she shared with her husband, Rosalie's thoughts wavered once again just before she ran into Royce and his drunken friends that brutally raped her, and Carlisle turned her into a vampire to save her life.

When Rosalie first saw her mate, Emmett, who at the time was mortal and had recently been mauled by a bear, she saw his dark curly hair, dimples and innocent looks that resembled Henry's, which was what prompted her to save him.

Film portrayal[edit | edit source]

Sabrina Frank

Sabrina Frank won a contest to have a role in the movie adaptation of Eclipse. Though she made the role as a cameo, her appearance was cut from the movie. However, she does appear in a deleted scene with Nikki Reed.

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