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"Was it other vampires that killed Waylon?"
―Bella's question to Edward[src]

Waylon Forge is a character created specifically for the Twilight film, and is not present in the novel. He is friends with Charlie Swan, and one of James's coven's victims.

He is portrayed by Ned Bellamy in the movie.


Waylon was introduced as one of Charlie's friends from the police station. In the movie, he and Charlie had known each other for 30 years; he played Santa Claus every Christmas and handed out tiny bottles as Christmas presents to children.


"Who are you?"
―Waylon to James and Victoria.[src]

Waylon made his first appearance at the diner and asks Charlie's daughter, Bella, if she remembers him as Santa. Charlie then remarked that she hadn't spent Christmas in Forks since she was four. Cora referred to Waylon as "Butt Crack Santa".

He was fixing a small boat singing "The Cat's Meow" when James, Laurent and Victoria caught him by surprise (he calls out for a man named Joe), and, after stopping his attempt to escape, pressed him down and fed on him until he died. After the killing, Victoria stole his shirt that read "Kiss Me, I'm Irish", which Victoria was later seen wearing. James, liking Waylon's jacket, also stole it after they killed him and was seen wearing it for the rest of the movie. His body was later found on the boat. The townsfolk concluded that it was an "animal attack", though the Cullens knew that it was vampires.

Film portrayal[]

Ned Bellamy

Waylon was portrayed by Ned Bellamy in the Twilight film.