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"Our elder chief, Taha Aki, was the only spirit warrior left to save the tribe after his son was killed."

Yaha Uta was the eldest of Chief Taha Aki's children with the Third Wife, and the younger half-brother of Taha Wi. He is mentioned by Billy Black at the bonfire during which Bella Swan hears the Quileute legends.


After the disappearance of several Makah girls from their homes, Taha Wi and five other wolves, including Yaha Uta, went in search of their kidnapper, and happened across a strange, sickly sweet stench that burned their noses. Their search led them so far north that Taha Wi sent the younger wolves, Yaha Uta and another of his brothers, back to the Quileute village to report to Taha Aki. Taha Wi and his two other brothers never returned.

Two years later, two more Makah maidens went missing, so Yaha Uta and his pack followed the sickly sweet stench that filled the Makah village until they happened across the Cold Man, standing over the body of one of the girls who had been drained of her blood, and drinking the blood of the second. They underestimated the creature's strength and speed, and one of the wolves was killed. The Cold One was crushing the second wolf when Yaha Uta, the youngest member of the pack, managed to rip its head off and tear the creature to shreds. Then he took the pieces of its body back to the harbor, where they were laid out for the tribe to inspect. The Cold One tried to reassemble itself though, so the pieces of its body were burnt and scattered, a bag of his ashes worn around Taha Aki's neck so that the chief would be warned if it ever tried to reassemble itself again.

Then, the Cold One's mate, the Cold Woman, came to the village, seeking revenge for her husband's death. Yaha Uta, the only remaining shape-shifter, attempted to kill her and almost succeeded, but he was alone and had no one to distract her, so died in the effort. Enraged, Taha Aki phased into an ancient, white-muzzled wolf and fought the Cold Woman, but the Third Wife could see that he was failing. She took a knife from one of her younger sons and plunged it into her heart to distract the vampiress. Taha Aki was able to finish her, with the help of several of his younger sons, who were so distraught by the sight of their mother dying that they phased though they were still only boys.

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